How a Shy Christian Can Choose a Life Partner

Life is so interesting has a young Christian guy.

So many groups to join. So many friends to make and so on but being a Christian doesn’t mean we should lack some certain things a guy should possess some certain qualities. in as much as our spirituality is there, we should not ignore some certain important thing also. yeah.

Ever heard a lady say she can never get married to a pastor? yeah, I’ve heard it not once not twice and I think I’m beginning to understand the ladies through somethings I’ve seen in the church. Truth be told I’m on the ladies on some reasonable points and here are the reasons:

Untidiness and Uncleanness: I must say I’m so disappointed in the way some of we Christian s dress nowadays. We preach clean spirit, a life without sin and so on. We possess everything good in the spirit yet it’s the opposite outside and you want to marry the lady of your dreams.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all ladies are neat also but do you think a lady who is rough allow a man who is dirty be her husband?

It’s not possible.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying dress nude neither am I saying dress to kill. We’ve passed all that. All I’m saying is in as much as we put sanity to our spiritual life let’s put sanity to our appearance. Make sure our clothes are clean and pressed.

One more thing as an adult we have gone passed wearing over-sized shirts and trousers and shoes. If your wears are over-sized I think its time to visit the tailor. OK, let’s look at it from this point of view. How many of us have received a gift before?

Let’s imagine you are giving a gift by someone and it was not nicely packaged but a gift is a gift. From a normal human point, we will never count such gift as a big gift until we see what’s really inside.

In fact, some people will just drop it at the corner. That’s how ladies will treat a guy with these qualities.

Not Jovial or Fun: Sorry, looking for an attractive point but I just couldn’t find so we just have to stick with that. Now, there’s nothing that creeps a lady than a guy who is always with a straight face. He never laughs. If you think doing this will make you more of a man you need to stop it.

You’ll hear them say that guy that keeps a strong face? God forbid.  A lady will always want to to be with a guy that can make her laugh and feel ease. One of the ways to get a lady under your palms to make her laugh.

Trust me, try this and give me the feedback that as also been one of my secret weapons in case you don’t know.  And my last but not the list reason when a guy is not romantic or has the sign of not been romantic.

Non-Romantic: Come on guys. We need to get our groove on. One of the ways of showing we don’t lack this aspect is by flirting. Yeah, flirting is not bad as long as your not doing it with a married woman.

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