I Love Her But It’s Just Too Complicated!


Let’s be serious it’s not something to be laughed about. Have you ever been in a situation where you like a girl or this so beautiful lady and you don’t know your way?

I mean how tell to her you like or love her. Yeah, that’s it I’ve been there and the truth is so many guys also and some have not left that chapter.

Guys, today I’m not going to be formal, I’ll like us to be free with each other #smiles, if you know what I mean. No article commandments for today. Sorry for my folks who love it that way. Yep, also want to apologies I know you’re tired.

No picture, no proper arrangements if you get me and some other things a proper blog is supposed to have. Like I said, soon it’s going to be what you and I want it to be. Now let go back to our topic. #smiles,

It’s so amazing how God blessed us with women. Imagine a world without woman. #smiles, k, we can’t imagine such since it can not happen. Today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my secret on how to express your love for a lady you like without feeling like an heavy iron is being place on your chest. #smiles, yeah, it has once happened to me.

You see every man must pass through this major milestone but you see not every man get out of it or outgrow it. #smiles, I could remember the first time I fell in love.

I was very small then so young and innocent. There was this nice girl who thought me what love is. Yeah, funny right because is the ladies that always teach us what love is.

She cared of me. Like buy me gifts, accompanying me, anywhere, anytime, she even cooked for me and told my mum she was literally going to use her food to win me over.

I just loved her. She was beautiful, jovial, so full of life and her family loved me but could you still believe that after all this I still could not tell her how I felt about her. It was like an impossible thing to do. Each time I tried I get goosebumps.

One night, I summoned the muscle and said I was gonna tell her. I even told her I wanted to tell her something so that she could pressurize me. She did but I still could not say it.

Each time I try my heart will start racing, I’ll develop sweaty palms,  my chest will be heavy and my voice starts to become shaky. I later loosed her to another man and since then I told myself such is not going to happen again… So here are some things I did that change my life.

Let’s start with this guys, you need to know that it’s your responsibility to ask a lady out. One of my mentors pastor iheanyi will say ‘nothing said, nothing implied’ it’s not official until you ask her out. Another point you need to know is that it’s OK to be free with ladies.

They are not breakable plates. In fact, they don’t want to be treated as such. If they see this in you they might avoid you. She want to be free with you and enjoy each moments with you.

Things like, I don’t know how she will feel if I say this should be deleted from your memory except when you have started dating or she has become your wife.

Another point is that don’t tell her how you feel about her until you are sure she fills the same way. If she does not feel the same way it not worth the stress.

Yeah, I’ve seen some guys say I don’t want her to see me as an opportunist. Taking advantage of our friendship. Hello! Wake up, that’s the more reason you should say it.

Another point is that ‘don’t be too scared that she might say no. Whether she says yes or no. The world continues and there are many fishes in the ocean. With all this point understood here is how to ask a lady you love out or how to express you feelings to her.

Be Jovial: Make her laugh be funny. I’m not saying you should a clown. You do this? You are on your own (Oyo).  Google how to be cocky to understand what I just said. In a effort of making her laugh. Tell her joking you like her and you don’t know why. Anytime you both are together maybe
she cracked a joke. Laugh and tell her.

The essence of this is to put seriousness in unseriousness yeah, this will register in her brain gradually. #smiles,  want to get the rest? Watch put for the part two, sorry guys I have to go now. Will be right back…

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