Getting Married? How Every Woman (Wife) Want to be Loved

Every woman want to be loved, cherished and pampered. If a man don’t know this, such man is regarded as a dummy and a dumb head.

Many men know this secrets but they just feel it’s not that important moreover because their parents (mother) didn’t teach them such. Some men that don’t know it do it in a totally wrong manner. How? that’s by buying gifts consistently for the woman.

I wish that was how easy it is, I mean, If it’s that easy, I won’t have to write on this topic.

Men, here it is, Buying a gift only for a woman can not satisfy her emotional thirst to be loved. Even a 10 years old girl know this. She’ll tell you daddy does not love me. When you tell her ‘but honey daddy buys gifts for you. Her words, ‘he just buys gift for me, he does not love me’ so if a little girl know this. What will we say about women.

So today I’m going to be sharing with us 3 different ways to show your wife how much you love her.

Trust me, this will change your life and your marriage because in as much as we hide it. Men’s world revolve around women. So here are my points.

First of,

Treat her like a queen: What do I mean by treating her like a queen? These are the basic etiquette in dealing with women. I call it the treat her like a queen etiquette. What are these etiquette? #smiles, you watch them in American movies, you just don’t pay attention to them. I feel like spanking you for reminding you that. #smiles, just joking. Things like, picking things for her when they fall from her Hands, things like opening doors and so on are these etiquette.

You’ll find it here


Treat her like your mother: Now, I don’t need to talk much on this right? but I will anyways. We all grew with our mothers and we enjoyed our stayed with them.

I mentioned earlier a woman want to be cared for. We all know what being cared for for a lady means. This means providing for her essential needs but in this context, this what i mean by that in this context. This means the togetherness(helping out) at home. It’s absolutely romantic.

Have you ever cooked dinner before she woke? Have you washed her clothes before? Have you bath for her before? I mean when she is sick and when she is not. It’s absolutely romantic.

You should try this one day. While you both are bathing just tell her ‘honey can I bath you?’ If she smiles, it’s definitely a yes. Now, reply by saying this ‘yeah, you are my baby and you’ll always be so can I go ahead?’ She smiles again, that’s a go ahead.

Hello, I mean just bathing no sex but if sex comes with it don’t tell me. As long as she loves sex in the bathroom. Have you done dishes before for your wife? I mean while your wife is with you? It’s absolutely romantic. This turn women on.

Do this for your wife and she is just going to love your more. Don’t be surprised if you both have sex right there in the kitchen. Did I just say something? No, I certainly did not.

Change her plans. Let’s say she has been running home to everyday to cook dinner for the family. Surprise her one day. Cook her favorite before she gets home and don’t forget to add the candles after serving the food. That day history is literally going to change.

Bath the kids even before she wakes. Attend to the baby at night so that she can have a good night rest. All this things are romance. I know some men don’t agree with this point but I’ve said it anyways.

This works for me every time. When my mum she wants to do some house chores and I help her out with this before she gets home! She is always joyful, I mean we could literally talk till midnight and you could see how happy she was from the tone of her voice.

Massage her legs if they feel tirey, massage her shoulders when she needs it or you feel she needs it.

And, finally under this point; RESPECT HER. I am not saying prostrate to your wife like you do with your mum. No, all I’m saying is respect her. Don’t do what she does not like and respect her wishes. If she doesn’t like you keeping late nights, don’t keep late nights and so on…

Treat her like your daughter: ladies, this is not belittling don’t mind my last sub-topic. I promise you see at the end that it’s not belittling. So, what was I saying? What do I mean by treating her like your daughter. This means you guide her, protect her and most finally, always tell her the truth. That is, don’t scared in spilling the beans.

There are some men that are scared or not happy telling their wives the truth. Saying, she will feel bad, she’ll be moody, she will say I’m too frank with her. Hear is it, if you truly love her (your wife) like you say you do, it’s your duty to tell your her the truth. Trust me, she will thank you for this in future. If you don’t, when she falls you have also fall.

You don’t still get it?

Now, let’s narrow it down. Let’s say you both are in a car heading to a place. If you see her driving in a bad way, will you keep dumb? it’s your duty call to her notice what she’s doing and correct her. If you don’t, you both are gonna be dead. Do you want to die? Certainly NO. So can always imagine yourself in this situation when and if you don’t want to talk to your wife.

It’s risky for both of you not to recognize the wrong and correct the wrong. I mean it’s not bad when someone is wrong but it’s bad when both of you are wrong.

So that’s it, I’m done with this topic. I hope this message has convinced you not confuse you #lol, that these are the 3 ways every woman want to be loved.

I mean I tried.

‘Reading your books when it comes to school matters is important but reading books when it comes to life and marriage is also important…

Like I say always, no man is an island so. If you have any thoughts on this topic please share below…

Love you guys…

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