Why Every Man Needs To Drink More Water

I know you been thought biology and that covers water O°. I’m not trying to bring back those ugly days for those of us who were flogged because we couldn’t remember formulas and botanical names.

Can I forget my biology teacher? no, even when I wish I could. His name was Mr. Akanbi. He was the punisher in my school days, at least, during my set. Enough of that, let’s go into today’s topic now because I’m beginning to smell his cane from where I am.

I know you’ve also heard cliches like: You can’t survive without water, water no get enemy by fela and so on. I not going to be talking about that too because I feel even a baby of today also knows all these. I’m just going to be bringing it to men. How it relates to us.

The environment we live in now( smokes from cars, smokers, generating sets, chemical companies and so on) is so polluted that it could give even an ant cough and yet we breathe all this in. It’s not as if we have a choice. After all, we cannot leave this world for another like they do in movies. Our world is all we’ve got.

The U.N (united nations) are trying their best to see what they can do. like by encouraging car manufacturers to produce more smokeless cars and so on that is to produce clean energy in general. There will get there, I know they will. It might just take some time but however before they get there we need you put some measures in place to protect us from these air toxins.

If you want to stay long in this polluted world you’ll need water not only to quench your thirst but to detoxify.

Some classify food with water. that is, it is only when you are thirsty that you need water.

I disagree with this school of thought. Water is not just to quench thirst but to also for many other things.

Do you know by drinking lemon water (putting lemon in your water and drink) in the morning you could detoxify? Yes, to detoxify. Drink lemon water every morning. NB: For those who see effect on this should take only water. At least 2 cups every morning.

And please can you stop managing water when it comes to drinking. It’s not as if it’s more costly than food. Please, your body needs enough of this. Stop depriving it.

Do you know your (body) needs at least 3 liters of water every day depending on the geographical zone to function well?

Do you know your kidneys can’t function very well if you don’t drink enough water?

Yes, the kidneys flush out toxins from your entire system every day so if you don’t drink enough water. It can’t do it’s job. Think of water like engine oil to your generating set or car. Now, imagine you have little or no oil in your generator or car. Can it function well?

When it comes to healthy and glowing skin the first thing people think of is a toning cream or bleaching cream. They believe this would to it.

Well, I’m still here to tell you. You might think it will but it won’t rather it will deceive you. Let me use this illustration. Have you seen a waste bin? I mean the one that is usually put on the road.

It smells right? yes, especially when they are filled. Now imagine the caretakers came and didn’t dispose of the waste rather they covered it and painted the bin (the container) Does this stop the bin from smelling? or does the mean that the bin is empty?


Using bleaching or toning cream won’t go far pertaining to your skin because taking care of your skin has to be an inside out thing.

One of the ways to also do this is by drinking enough water, especially in the morning.

If you take care of yourself from the inside you won’t need to buy a 10k cream all because you want to look good. Stop taking harmful things in and expect a cream to do the job.

Lastly, do you know your semen contains more water than sperm? Now, imagine you not drinking enough water.

I have seen people who are healthy all because they do water therapy. Change your mind and you will change your appearance. love you guys.


As usual, try this and let us have feedback on how it has worked for you…

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