Why Women Call Men Dogs (Sexuality is Based on Attraction)

So many men and most especially women has gotten some beliefs about men’s sexuality wrong.

Didn’t get me wrong I don’t blame neither. Yes, nobody is faulty at this because many of us do not even know what sexuality means not to talk of understanding what our sexuality means.

Trust me when you done reading this, your orientation will change. So come on board guys. It’s free. No t-fair.

Let me start with this: Example: in 30 seconds a man can be ready for sex but in women it’s the other way round. Now, depending on her biology, it takes much much more time. That is, in men things like quickie do exist but in women most likely not.

Men are attracted by what they see or should I say we men are attracted by what we see!

The way we behave to a perfectly served food when we are hungry is the same way we behave when it comes to sex. The only difference is; one is to fuel our stomach and the other is to fuel our sexual desires.

Time and time again, men would have erections when they see naked women but this is different for women. Ofcus, women can’t have erections like men but she can’t instantly be in the mood because she saw a naked guy. However, there can be some chemical reactions in her biology when she finds someone she is attracted to. Don’t ask me exactly how. I’m not a gynecologist.

Psychologists have said time and time again and have also proven that a man sexuality is totally different from is emotional side. While a woman would use sex to reward her hubby, a man would use any other things but sex to reward is wife.

‘She just spoils me with it anytime I do something good that she likes.’ #lol, words of a married man.

A man could buy gifts for his wife, take her to spa, cook for her and so on…

To reward her but not sex. Now, mind you not that he does not feel the need to do this or he does not wish to do this. He just don’t know how.

That’s why some women use sex to punish their hubby’s. Yes, because they believe if it’s a reward it can also be used for punishment. To women sex is not just sex. It’s a reward. A woman could give you sex when she is not even in the mood just to make you happy and you wouldn’t even know but to men this so different. It’s very hard for a man to give sex when he is not in the mood and when you demand by force #lol, like some ladies would literally do.

He’ll perform way below expectation.

Hint: don’t force your hubby for sex. Yeah, it’s your right. Nobody is disputing that but common! is that the way to get what you want. Remember what I said earlier about men being visual people. Yeah, you get me now..

For you to understand how different men and women are, then you really need to read this book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray.

This book is a MUST for you if you want to get married one day.

Enough of that, now, let me hit NAIL in the HEAD…

A mans sexuality is a purely based on ATTRACTION not LOVE but many people don’t know this like I said earlier that’s why a man can sleep with a total stranger without any strings attached.

And that’s also why I don’t believe in the phrase “love at first sight” but I believe in the phrase “attraction at first sight” A man could like a woman at first sight probably by one striking feature or the other he sees. Yeah, features like; long hair (natural), long legs, complexion, eye color and so on but definitely cannot love a woman at first sight. Kudos to women who know this and kudos to women who are just getting this. Yes, because you are getting it now.

I love you that is why I want to have sex with you” is a perfect sentence that has been used to brainwash ladies especially teens. LADIES THIS DOES NOT EXIST. It’s a lie and it will always be. Attraction is based on what appeases you sexually. Now, What is love? I have explained that before. You’ll find it HERE

A lady can be attracted to you. That is, you’re that kind of guy she want to have steamy sex with. I mean each time she thinks of you, it’s just sex but this not love. I’m sure you know that by now. Attraction and love are not the same.

but her attraction can definitely grow into love if sex is not involved. Yes, this happens and have been proven but give her sex and you’ll confuse attraction for love. Same also for men. A man can be attracted to you but this does not mean he loves you. You appease him sexually but this does not mean it’s love.

‘I impregnated her but I can’t marry her.’ Is the perfect way to explain this to you. That is why I’m against the believe that ‘it’s only when a guy loves you he want to have sex with you’ such thoughts should be casted away. To break this vicious circle wait till after marriage before having sex. Yes, I’m a fan of sex after marriage.

That’s it, we are done with this topic.

 #smiles, yeah, right? It’s a tough nut to crack abi? Yeah, it took me time to be able to crack this myself (knowing the difference between attraction and love.)

Hope by now you know the difference too?

So next time when you see yourself having feelings for someone. Ask yourself, is it attraction or love. If it’s attraction you know what to do and if it’s love you also know what to do.

Alright, I’m dropping my pen here.

Reading calls.

See you again.

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2 thoughts on “Why Women Call Men Dogs (Sexuality is Based on Attraction)

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  2. #lol, yes Mix! Words work and in fact,they go a long way. Can't say about other men but this has worked on me times without number. All I need to hear from her is a simple sentence and bam! That's it!

    I believe words will go far on men especially if they hear it from someone they are attracted to…

    Thaaaanks Mix! By the way I tried opening the links you shared but they didn't go through.

    Thanks for dropping by! Much love!

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