Qualities of a Life Partner (Must Knows)

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I’m gonna be sharing a very powerful message with us this time and now. #yeah, i feel like something runs down my spine each time I’m oppurtuned to talking about marriage. Thanks to my mentors. I mean these people are raising a generation of extra-ordinary youths when it comes to marriage. I listen to them and i enjoy them every time i listen to them.

We youths have gotten so many things twisted nowadays when it comes to marriage. Some now believe in sex before marriage. I have also heard some who believe in divorce.

Also heard things like carrier women, adulterous men. God help us.

When it was time to listen and watch how our parents made their marriage work it seems like we (youth) were busy doing something else. I mean we were literally blind and to make it worse movies has told us more lies.

Telling us that two strange people can meet today and get married tomorrow and yet live a happily ever after.

Youths no longer want to work when it comes to love (marriage) yet they want a perfect marriage. Forgetting that a perfect marriage takes a lot of work.

Today, I’m going to sharing potentials to actually watch out for when it comes to choosing a life partner.

This not a cliche because it comes from another angle. Often times i hear on radio when marriable youths are being asked what are the potentials their spouse must poses? You hear things like she must be kind, he must be at least 6 inches tall, he must be caring, she must be good in bed, he must be good in bed blah, blah, blah and some can’t even talk when they are asked such question. They begin to stammer this meaning they don’t know what they actually want.

These answers shows that today’s youth does not have any clue about marriage still we want to get married.

Do you remember economics? yes, in secondary school days. where we were thought wants and needs. Don’t mind me, this is to make us understand the concept easy. Let’s move on. What are wants? These are things we can do without that is, can live without them. It’s not a necessity. Things like cars, jets, Iphones and so on.

What are needs? Things that we can’t do without that is, we can’t live without them. Examples are food, clothing, housing and the rest.

Now let’s apply this concepts to marriage. Beauty, height, skin color, sexual libidos, tribe are not what should really be on your list when it comes to choosing a life partner. Ofcus, It’s OK when they come along with the baggage. It’s just like buying a T.V and you are given a remote control with it. All I’m saying is that this should not be a priority.

They are all wants not needs. In choosing a life partner needs are actually what you need. So what are the needs when it comes to choosing a life partner. Potential qualities your life partner must poses.

– She Must Be God Fearing and she must have a personal relationship with God

How do you know if she has this qualities? Through the help of the holy spirit but that’s a topic for another day.

– She must have a soft spot for family that is, she loves family

Trust me you don’t want to marry a lady who cares less about family. Remember you are starting a family with her by getting married to her.

– She must be homely

Yeah, she must be someone who does not have any problem staying at home for some days especially if she just gave birth or any other reason.

– She must be able to represent you outside

There are many marriages that have gone down the drain just because of this. Husbands having issues with their wives because their wives can’t speak proper English in public. Trust me, It might not sound important to you but it is to us.

– She must be able to cook

To some this is not important but don’t be deceived ladies. Men don’t joke with their stomachs. I mean it’s the last thing we want to play with is our stomach. Every man needs a woman that can cook at home. If you don’t another woman will and trust me your husband is no more safe.

OK guys, Those are the ones i can remember. Remember this is not really about what i listed only as it varies from to people to people but NOTE: number 1, is not bargain-able. The essence of this is to make us prioritize.

Final words, come on guys, there is a reason we are called men not boys. Let’s stop all these fetish wants and useless desires. Butt and boobs will fade away but a virtuous woman can’t fade.

All gifts are packaged but not all really contain good package. Don’t be deceived by what you see. Look beneath the beauty, it’s worth it.

Got to go guys. nice being with you guys once again. God Loves you.

Please comment. I want to know if I’m hitting the nail on the head.

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