Sexually Transmitted Spirits (STS), Are You Infected?

I remember back then in secondary school, anytime the topic ‘reproduction’ in biology comes up, we are always happy like our best food is been served.

Don’t mind us, we were just happy because finally the mysteries of sex is been exposed to everyone to hear – behind our parent’s back. Though our teachers then were strict while explaining this topic, it didn’t stop us from smiling, laughing and blushing.

It’s not our fault. Our traditional African parents refused to tell us what it entails. They all shied away from it like babies fell from heaven and through this many youths today have lost their way.

I pray we youths of today will not repeat the same thing because if we do, the world is not going to change any time soon as regards to sex.

I bet by now you have discovered something with your child and if you don’t have one you have discovered something with the children around you. Yes, i have too that today’s children are very inquisitive and this makes them smart.

So not answering their questions when they ask or giving wrong answers when they ask anything as regards to sex might expose them to wrong believes on sex.

Asides this most children who ask their parents questions already know answers to these questions so the best thing you can do as possible is to give them honest answers – age appropriate ofcus.

It’s your duty to educate your kids about sex. Don’t leave this to your children’s teachers alone besides your believes and foundation about sex really matters to your child because this is what he/she will carry to adulthood.

This topic we are going to be talking about (sexually transmitted spirit) was brought out of one of my books I am writing and still working on.

The devil try as much to hide the truth from you so you can continue being lost. Just like in the garden of Eden when Satan told eve that God had lied about the forbidden fruit Gen 3 : 1 – 13. He knew God was not talking about the physical death but the spiritual death and because eve was ignorant. She fell.

Adam was strong but it was useless because eve was not and when eve fell it was not far fetched that Adam too will follow.

When God puts some laws and guidance into place. It’s to protect us. Take for instance,
The Ten Commandments.

Ever wondered why those who keep the commandments are sane?

The devil has tricked our youths of today telling them sex is just physical like what we watch in movies. Here is the real thing. Do you know sex is more spiritual than physical?

There are 3 things you loose when you have sex outside marriage. You loose physically, spiritually and emotionally. We all know the physical consequences. They are sexually transmitted diseases and these are HIV, STDs, HPV and the rest.

The spiritual consequences is sexually transmitted spirits. I am going to explain that down to the nitty gritty right away. The emotional consequences are also there madness, unstable mind.

Yeah, it’s not until you wear dirty ragged cloths and walk the streets before you are believed to be mad.

Sexually transmitted spirits (STS) is related to sexually transmitted diseases (STD) but it’s the spiritual aspect.

Do you know that you could gets traits that are not yours through sex 1 corinth 6 : 16? Yes, and condoms can’t save you? At least, condoms can protect and shield you from STDs
to some extent but definitely not STS.

The devil can never tell you this because he does not want you to be straight with God. You shall know the truth and it will set you free. The devil does not want you to know the truth so that you will not be set freed.

I’m going to tell you this. Don’t be scared of what can kill the flesh (STDs). Be scared of that can kill the soul (STS).

You corrupt your spiritual genes by sleeping with people out marriage. If you have sex with someone that has a demonic spirit. It’s spiritually transmitted to you. If you have sex with someone that has a stealing spirit. It’s also transmitted to you. Think of every bad spiritual genes, these genes are transmitted to you without knowing.

Have you wondered why you have changed after having fornication with that lady or man? You don’t do them before but now you do them.#hmm,

The worst thing is that you could pass it to your generation ( your kids and grand kids) and by that our children are corrupted even before they are born.

Thank God for the holy spirit.

Have you been having sex with someone who is not your wife? please it’s time for you to stop and go back to God. Don’t let the devil continue deceiving you. Now you know the truth.

There is so much to this topic but i can’t say it all here but it’s all in my book.

I am not scared about HIV and the rest. This is what I’m scared of. Going to the hospital to do check up for diseases is good but going to church to do spiritual check up is the ultimate.

Sex is good but only within marriage walls.

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