Doing This Might Make Women View You Positively

Due to bad upbringing and bad grooming many men have lost major etiquette in relating to women.

In fact, some men see it has big stress doing these things and some women also make this a big deal. come on Agidigba women, it’s not.

Well, it will maybe when men start seeing brushing their teeth as a big deal. If it has not come to that then its not a big deal.

As for the ladies who know this basic etiquette. please don’t try teaching your men this stuff. Yes, It’s not your duty and if you do we won’t accept it from you.

Why? Men take advises from men.

Now let’s continue. Basic etiquette in dealing with when. First, i’ll say this BE NICE to women. yes, there is nothing you won’t get if and when you are nice to them. I’ll very good at this because i was thought. yes, i learnt it and guess who thought me? My mum.

Things like, i’m sorry, thank you, God bless you, things like a hug (for those that accept hugs)… Greet them, play with them, joke with them. You need to see the way women blush when you do this go them. Women want to be cared for, touched, play with, treasured. Men who do this very well are called humanizer by men can’t. The part of being polite should not be showed to your mum and your sisters. come on guys…

Let’s look at it this way. Think of women as doors and these things (etiquettes) as keys to open the doors. Open doors for them. let’s say you and your boss (a lady) are going out and you get to the door. Open the door and let her go out first. I’m sure you have heard the saying ‘ladies first’? Yes, It’s true and it applies everywhere. Pick things when they drop from her not that her back will break if you don’t do this. Let tell you how this particular suggestion came into place.

Ladies mostly wear skirts and it’s even worse if they are wearing micro mini skirts. They could be displaying their … in the public by bending to pick anything that drops from them. That’s why it’s always suggested for men to pick with for women if we are with them.

Are you going out for dinner? come on, pull out the dinning chair for her when she is about to sit. Do this and look at her face. Trust me, you are gonna fell good.

Basic etiquettes must be done if you regard yourself as an agidigba man. So what are the ones we have talk about today? saying things like thank you, I’m sorry and the rest. Then opening of doors, picking things up for her, pulling chairs out for her.

Yes, those are the common ones but you can google to get more. come on, it’s worth the effort. Remember, we are different from women.

Try these things guys and let me know how far it has helped you. yes, whether positively or negatively. See you guys. Agidigba Men signing out.

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