How to Love a Woman (The Honest Truth)

So what is love?

I’m not going to give you the definition of love because now it’s sounding more like a cliche to me besides I know if you want the definition of love you would have just gone to the dictionary instead of the internet.

You need detailed information that why you came here.

Let me tell you something. Do you remember your first love? #smiles, I know, I just hit a chord on your head. well, if you can still remember what your first love.

Why are you still asking google what is love?

Don’t mind me, just pulling your legs.

Here is how is going to be. I’m just gonna bring back those days. So that it can come back to you what love really is. Yes, you know, trust me, you just have forgotten.

Most of us were young then that’s why we can’t remember how we love then and how genuine our love is.

I was with my friends and we were able to bring back those days. #yeah, If you can remember the past you correct and approach the future very well. #smiles, my funny friends. No dull moments with them.

I love to be with them. so funny yet they are very informative. We learn out of each discussion we have.

Firstly, let’s talk about what love is not about.

1. Love is not seeing someone for the first time and saying you’ve fallen in love with them. That’s either lost or something else but it definitely not love.

2. Love is not beauty. That is, because the person is beautiful, you love them. It’s something else.

3. Love is not money. Don’t deceive yourself and if you do. I’m ready to snap you out of it.

Now, what is love? Love is a good feeling you have for someone after some time you’ve spent with them. You miss them when they are not around and when they are around you just don’t want them to leave.

I use to have a childhood friend though we are still friends now. Then when I come to visit her. We will play, play, and play that we’ll even forget to eat and when I’m about to leave she will cry. I too cry that at times. I’ll have to sleepover. #smiles, we were so innocent yet we loved each other.

I mean kids forgive themselves easily. They come together to play even after a brief fight. share things with themselves.

You wanna know how to love? Study kids who love themselves very much. yes, till today I’m still fascinated by how I loved then and I was a kid. in fact, I’ll say I loved then better than now.

Kids forgive and forget easily. Unfortunately, adults don’t and even if they forgive. They don’t forget.

And gonna say this ‘love is an action word’. I mean kids don’t tell themselves they love each other. They show it and a kid knows when another kid loves him. Through what? Through acts and body language.

I am not saying you should not tell people you love them but your actions are what really shows that you love them than your words.

Wanna know? try this, tell people you love them and keep doing the opposite. They are just going to ignore you at some point but don’t tell them you love them and show it and see what happens.

Even when you don’t tell them you love them, they believe you do.

Got to go now but guys you know my last words as usual. Try this and give me your reply. Comment on the article. I mean that’s the only way.

I wanna see how this works for you.

Love you guys!

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