Oral Sex: Its Risk Factors to Today Men

Sex is good, it’s amazing, it’s soothing.

What other good names can I call it? Come on, can you tell me some?

I know even if you have not had sex before, you’ve had a near encounter. Maybe like a really hot romance. Yeah! I call it hot romance because there is a difference between hot romance and cold romance. So have had a really hot one? Now tell me how it felt. You see!
Or OK if you have not done that. Have you kissed someone you love before? I don’t mean the normal kiss that lovers do every now and then. I mean what we call the French kiss.

I have, and this has only happened twice all my life.

First, when I was young, 16 years, and the second in my mid 20’s, and I must say I still remember every little detail till today. Hmm, as for the sex part, I ran away from every lady who wanted to have a taste of it. I was never ready. Not that I didn’t see someone to do it with. But I just didn’t want to.

I for one believe that sex should be shared with a special person, someone you are married to. Not just with some random person all in the name of love and asides this, I believe sex is a covenant; that anyone you have sex with is your wife. It’s not until you take this person to the altar before this is confirmed.
Just in case what I just said looks like some math theory that’s hard to understand. I wrote a blog post on one of these secrets. It’s actually a book, but I just decided to bring that side out to share as I could not wait for it to be published to share that unbelievable part.
Till today, some still find it hard believable that I have not slept with a lady before (even some of my mentors still find this hard to believe). How come? why? Someone even asked me once if I was _______ I told her “well there’s one way to find out”, but by the time I’m done with you, your life will never remain the same.

You need to see the surprised look on her face (like wow!). She didn’t know I was just joking with her.

They tell me “it’s not as if Christians are not doing it”, and I tell them times without number that “I keeping my self is a personal decision” (just like when you stay away from junk food, you do this for yourself).
Truth be told, I’m not keeping myself (staying away from sex) because the bible says so. Yeah! I’m a Christian, and I try to obey God’s commandments in every way I can but like I said earlier, I am not keeping myself because the bible says we should.

And I’m not also doing it because of the scary story my mum told me when I was young, come on, this didn’t even work during my time not to talk of now, and I’m not staying away from sex because of STDs “we both know that’s lame”.

I’m keeping myself because it’s a personal decision and I’m keeping myself because of some secrets Holy Spirit has shown me about sex.

However, I must say I have had relationships, good relationships based on love not lost and I must say I never regretted these relationships; in fact, these relationships made me the better man I am today. Maybe one day I should write a blog post the lessons I’ve gained so far from these sexless relationships.
Probably, I’ll title it “5 lessons you can learn from a guy who has been sexless all his life” or what do you think? Yeah! It sounds funny, it’s even is to me, but you never can say, like they say “never say never”, you might be amazed by the things I’ve learnt from these relationships.
Where this topic came from;
How did I get to know about this topic? Well, where have you been? The topic “sex” is everywhere it’s like the air we breathe but if you ask me “have I seen this before?” Then I’ll say yes, through a friend, he sent a video I saw on his phone to me.

I didn’t know what this video was about, but I asked him to send it to me. Even till today, I still don’t understand why I did this. Is it out of curiosity? Is it stupidity? I don’t know.

Low and behold, what I saw shook my guts. A guy performing cunnilingus (yeah! cunnilingus is another name for oral sex) on a lady. I still remember each detail on this video till today. That’s why porn is bad and highly addictive. Thank God all this behind me today.
Fast forward to about six months ago, I was listening to one of mentors Stephen with a PH “StephenWithaPHLive” on his weekdays program he holds live on radio at Ben Bruce’s Rhythm FM 93.7 when a woman called in live to complain that her husband doesn’t like performing oral sex on her, and this is really killing her.

She said she has begged and begged him to this for her as this will satisfy her but still her husband as ignored this.

When Stephen with a PH asked her why this (oral sex) is so important to her? She said, “because she loves it when it’s done on her.” Then he asked her who made her like this? She said her ex, and because her hubby is not doing this, she is considering going back to her ex, and that just killed it for me.

“Is this thing that good or important?” I asked myself. Why would a lady damn the consequences, want to cheat on her husband because he is not giving her oral sex?

At this point, I became confused. To me, at that point, she seems to be confusing her want with her need.

Now, asides these two experiences, two other friends of mine have told me “oral sex” is a big deal and they can’t do without it when we were gisting. Debisi’s words “I love it very super much, my ex did it once, and it was absolutely amazing, it made me love him more.”

Michelle was like “why won’t he? If he claims he loves me like he does, oral sex should be a big of a deal, he will.” Ralph! What about you? Debisi asked! “Well, you know me, I don’t have any experience on this topic.”

And they both looked at me and laughed. But since that day, I’ve been wondering. Do we all know what we need to know about oral sex? Why is this “oral sex” so much loved? Why are people talking about it especially youths? Why are ladies (that’s what I believe although research shows men love this more) so in love with it?
So I decided to find out all I need to know about this topic “oral sex” to inform myself, and to inform those around me who care to know.
This blog post is not to paint oral sex in a bad way. It is just to inform you, and I’m not here to confuse you or to convince you about oral sex. Nah!
So here are my findings: The truth about oral sex. 
By what I have said so far and by what you know so far, you should know that oral sex is not a fallacy. It’s not something you just see in porn. It has real as you seeing your nose in the mirror. When I started my research, one of the things that amazed me was that oral sex has been existing as far back as ancient Egypt and ancient Rome.
History didn’t tell people the exact place it started but it pointed to these two ancient cities. Don’t ask me how these people discovered oral sex because I too I’m still wondering how, but history tell us they practised it and believed in it.
Ancient Egypt and ancient Rome believed that when it comes to sex there is should be no limitation. Anything should be done and must be done for your spouse to reach orgasm, and this went far and wild back then because back then there were no serious sexually transmitted diseases. Sure people had STDs but it was not as serious and deadly like the ones of today.
The use of what we call condoms today was also used in ancient Rome, but this was not to stop sexually transmitted diseases like I said earlier, there was no sexually transmitted diseases that were serious then. The use of condom was to prevent pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies. Unlike today, condoms that were made out of sheep’s intestines. You are surprised, right? Yeah! The condom is as old as time itself.
So fast forward to today, oral sex was introduced back into the society through PORN.
That reminds me, the make-up of our today ladies do also started (originated) from ancient Egypt. Egyptian women were exceptional at grooming and all types of body beauty regimens. In fact, it became so serious that at some point that the men also started wearing make-up.

Yeah! I know this is funny and awkward. Imagine someone like Brad Pitt putting on lipstick and eye shadows.

Psychologically: It has been proven time and time again that those who practice oral sex will have to end up doing all kinds of sex by the time they are 40.

Now, what does this means?

It means by the time you are 40 you’ll have drained your sex life. In fact, there are chances you will be sexless by age 40, and if you are not yet sexless, your sex libido will be super low and trust me, you’re useless to your wife if you are sexless. If your wife tells you are not useless to her up on the fact that you’re sexless, then probably, it’s because you are satisfying her other needs but trust me, she will look outside for the sex part.

Healthwise: I can bet the world didn’t also tell you about cancer of the mouth or throat (oesophagus). Yeah! About more than 50% of people who practice oral sex will have cancer of the mouth or throat. This might not be real to you now but it will by the time you wake one morning, and you find it hard to swallow foods as little as cereal.
You want to know more about cancer? Ask the survivors. They’ll seat you down like the way grandma used to sit you down and tell you stories that will make you shiver, and pee in your pant.
Spiritually wise: Some days ago, I was with my uncle who is a pastor, so I decided to hear his own part on oral sex.

I was trying to know his thoughts on oral sex as pertaining to spirituality, and he said, first of all, he does not practice this with his wife as he takes this part of his body (his mouth) very serious because he uses it to communicate with God. He told me “that which is to be used to communicate with God must not be used for such act”.

He didn’t give me any bible scripture on this topic (which I was expecting him to) but he told me that “the mouth” was not created to have sex but to speak and to eat. It sounded funny when he was saying this but he meant it with all bones in his spine.
But the funny thing is that there are pastors who do this in the privacy of their homes; who wouldn’t come out to tell you. No!

If you ask me “what’s my thought on this?” I’ll ask you “why did God give men penis and gave women vaginas?” but then again my thoughts are ________ because I told you before. I’m sexless for now but I’ll like to hear your thoughts on this. What truths have you discover about oral sex and if you have personal experience, please share… 

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