Ultimate War That Happens Inside and Outside You

There are certain things that determine what a man (man and woman) is and what he will turn out to be from the time he is born.

In as much as there is a reason and purpose why we are here (on earth), these two (nature and nurture) determines whether we will fulfill the purpose or it’s just gonna be buried deep inside us.

Nature is flexible and so is nurture that’s why both can be used to our advantage and also be used by the devil. The fact that you are born with perfect genes does not mean you will turn out good and the fact that you are born with bad genes does not mean you will turn out bad. Nature may have taken its decision but nurture has not.

However, if nurture is used to your advantage you will turn out good.

Now, Let’s begin,


Nature has to do with how you are brought to life right from the genesis of reproduction. From when sperm meets the egg, fertilizes the egg, becomes a fetus and most especially the genes you inherit from both your dad and your mum.

We all now what genes are and how it plays an important role in our life. There are good genes and bad genes. We don’t choose the one we want, nature chooses for us but however, we can use nurture to tackle bad genes.

Every child is born with a CLEAN SLATE (tabular raza). Nature made it so, so that that child can make personal decisions on life. I mean the child can choose the right way or the wrong way. Whichever way is fine by nature because it’s not a dictator. That’s another advantage of nature.

What is nurture?

Nurture is the environment in which man finds himself and this determines what the man will turn out to be. Nature takes place BEFORE you are born, nurture takes place AFTER you are born. So it’s obvious one comes before the other.


Scientists believe there are bad genes that can be inherited from our parents. For example, if your parents or one of your parents have pure eyesight. There is 50% chance you will have bad eyesight.

They so much believe in this, that’s why when you complain about some certain ailment they ask if someone in your family also have it that is family history but in the Christendom, we don’t believe such.

The fact that our parents have some certain ailments does not mean we will have. The fact that your parents are murderers does not mean you will turn out to be one. Yes, there is physical genetics and yes there is spiritual genetics but there are no bad genetics in the Christendom. I’ll explain that as we move on.

So DO I HAVE BAD GENES? NO but you have to continue reading…


Like I was saying, nurture is the environment man is born into but for man to be able to relate with the environment man needs his senses. Without this; it’s impossible for man to survive on earth. For example; you need your eyes to see danger ahead if you don’t look upfront, too bad.

You need your ears to be aware of what is happening around you. If you don’t use your ears (like putting headphones on while crossing the road) when you are supposed to use them, you are up for doom.

Our five senses were given to us by God to help us live well in our environment and to help us dominate it but some people don’t use them well and this had led to diseases, death (lives not lived long) and most importantly, life without fulfilling purpose.


The eyes of many have lead them to hell because nurture give them things to look at. No matter how perfect God creates man or has created man, man never sees his eyes as a cautioning tool rather man sees it has a carnal tool. Tools to watch indecency (porn) and call it enjoyment. Note: Your eyes are given to you to save you from all THIS not to make you live in IT.


No matter how perfect the genes you inherit from your parents are. What you take in is going to determine how long you are gonna stay on earth. Some youths have destroyed their lives by drinking alcohol yet they want to live long like their parents lived. Please, can we stop deceiving ourselves?


We youths of today have used our ears to listen to materials that have taken us away from God and this as become the norm, that’s the power of nurture. It has override your nature.

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No matter how perfect man is when he’s born (nature). Nurture could make man not to turn out good. Let me break this down. Man could be born with a perfect healthy heart but that heart could turn out to be bad if man eats unhealthy food(nurture).

Nature could and would have made everything perfect before we are born but if you don’t choose wise choices nurture could make everything turn bad. If God has called you before you came to this world (before you were formed I knew thee) and you are not watchful of nurture, you will not fulfill God’s call.


Nature is powerful but nurture is dominant. Nurture will dominate and continue to dominate you.


It’s obvious it’s nurture. Nurture will win. Samson’s story is a perfect example. His nature was strength but he was killed by nurture. Judges 13 – 16.


To rule nurture and to prevail over it is by living in God and obeying his 10 commandments. Some people say they are living with God but “sorry” they can’t follow the 10 commandments. Let me tell you this “can a woman say she is married to a man but insists she can’t be submissive to him?

No, It’s not possible.

This works hand in hand. You can’t say you are with God and yet not conform to his commandments.

To live in this CORRUPT world you just have to give your life to Christ, this is the only way to WIN nurture. In this world nurture exposes you to all forms of sexual carnality, I mean everywhere you go you see sex being portrayed like …

The only way to draw yourself away from this is to renew your mind daily by reading the word of God daily. if you’ve given your life to Christ you’ve already won the FIRST part but the SECOND part is reading your Bible.

Have you heard the song “read your bible pray everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday? Read your bible pray everyday if you want to grow.” #smiles, don’t mind me, I just had to bring back those days as we humans tend to learn easily with songs.

As for nature, This reminds me of the man that was born blind. His genes were not perfect, there were deformities in it but Jesus healed him. You see when it comes to nature nobody prays for imperfections but in cases where there are, can you just believe Jesus can do it? Because yes, he can do it.


Why did God give us these two?

Why did God give us (nature) genes, sperm, egg, blood and the rest?

God gave us all this because that was God’s original plan for us. I mean you’ve heard of people living for thousands of years, Methuselah and the likes. God’s plan for us was to live on this earth and live abundantly. That is; to live in this earth forever but the plan later changed when the world was becoming corrupt and polluted.

Heaven is now a safe haven. So God gave us nature to live in it and besides to live in this world you have to be born of flesh. Jesus knew this that’s why he was born.

Why did God give us (nurture) the environment?

I’ll ask this question. Is it possible to live where you can relate to? No? Adam was able to relate with his environment because there was food and water, a spouse, animals to play with and so on. Adam wouldn’t have survived on earth if God did not change it that is; make it inhabitable.

So how was it?

By this few points of mine hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that;

1, Neither nature or nurture is bad.

2, Nurture is stronger than nature.

3, To live in this nurture (environment), you need to read the word of God daily.

God bless you and thanks for being with me on this topic.

See you when I see you again. #smiles,

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