Real Reasons Men Choose Young Women Over Old Women

The time a girl hits puberty certain features start to blossom and express themselves in her.

Her hormones begin to dictate to her body, how to dress, how to talk, how to behave most especially with guys.

At this time she begins to embrace what she loves about herself (her body) and try to detach herself if possible from that which she dislikes about herself (her body). She could even go to any extent to solve this if there are possible ways.


Because she is just discovering herself.

Also at this time of her life, her body begins to do what an average (normal) woman would do. She begins to ovulate and menstruate. At first, this might throw her off balance because she is just trying to adapt to her new self but what really attracts men at this time about her is her visible features. Her breast, butt, eyes and most especially her figure.

In the men’s world, we call it – the figure8 factor meaning a lady blessed where she is supposed to be blessed. She knows this and recognizes this (her figure8) and she flaunts it.

She is matured physically but not mentally because it’s impossible for both the physical and mental features to manifest at the same time.

One must come first then another one follows.

If physical features come first mental features will follow and if mental features come first physical features will follow.

At least, that’s the way it has always been. In a situation were mental features come way ahead before physical features. It termed as late blooms or we term the ladies who have this late bloomers. All these are the foundation for and to her womanhood.

After these features are fully observant. She now gets to the second stage which I call the WATCH and looks stage but unfortunately, this is the time for some ladies to play around or mess around.


Marriage offers!!!

You are going to get marriage offers from the right, left and center. I mean this time, you catch the eye of every guy. At this stage, this in not to joke and play around but to watch out for your soulmate.

Yes, men will come thousands and they’ll keep coming. 5 men could literally toast you in a day but again this is not the time let (your) beauty distract you. Yes, because this wouldn’t last forever.


When last have I been toasted?

When last have I been chased?

When last have I caught someone’s fancy?

Answer the questions and also ask yourself what’s the frequency?

If the frequency is still high. Good for you but if this has reduced. Good for you also. #smiles,

But I’m gonna say this if this has reduced it’s not so good.

So why are men like this? Why do men go for young ladies? Or prefer young ladies than not so young ladies. I think I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again. ” in as much as women are sensual creatures because they are attracted by what they hear.

Men are sexual creatures because they are attracted by what they see. ” to a woman age does not really matter but to a man, age is everything. Tell me this, can you compare a 40-year-old lady to 20 years, old lady? A woman will tell yes but it’s a no to us due to these reasons.



There is something about the curves of a young lady. When she is blessed in the right places. So many Christian guys won’t acknowledge this, in fact, some will tell you beauty is vague but you still see these same guys cheating on their wives.

Yes, I’m not disputing what the bible said but ain’t nothing bad having a God fearing woman with curves. We have many women with curves in the Christiana. It’s not only the world that has curvy ladies.

A woman without no curves could be less attractive to a man and a not so young woman’s curves gradually disappear or it’s not even visible at all. That’s one of the reasons why a man goes for a young woman before any other thing.

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Now, I’m not saying only young women have this feature. All women have this feature but it’s 100% in young women.

A young woman can easily love, she is more compassionate, soft-hearted and so on. It’s easy for a young lady to fall in love with men so men easily go for young ladies as this they know it won’t give them stress but not so for not so young women.

You keep on chasing them like a dog chasing after it’s own tail. So there you go “tender-heartedness”


Youthful women romance are just perfect. She would ask of you even when you don’t ask of her. She respects you and acknowledges you are her captain but this is the opposite for older women.

Too bad also, many ladies don’t know respect is a huge part of romance for men only young women know this and that’s why men are drawn more to young women.

Older women also attract men a time but due to the high class, they put themselves men find it hard to mingle with them.

Another reason under romance is young women are like a clean slate, you are probably her first love so you can create your own romance memories with her unlike older women they’ve probably dated far and wild and you can’t teach them your love ideas as some of them will find this irritable.


Young women are youthful. They don’t see it as childish when men are playing with them that’s why men are free from fear when it comes to taking her to places. You could take her to the amusement park for both of you to have a good time and she sees perfect sense this idea.

At home she will do pillow fights with you, hide and seek, count any game she is in but for older women they see this has child’s play. They will tell you “when will you grow up” we are no longer kids. Can you stop all this childish play? And so on. #lol,

Another thing is that no matter how you play with young women, they respect you and still embrace you but for older women, #smiles, you’re in for insults and disrespect.

Young women gat the bones for play but old women? Na. They get tired easily.


when you are dating a young lady you are at more peace than dating older women. If you tell her it’s like this, she ques in easily but not so for old women. They are more likely to argue with you. They might even tell that you can’t tell them what to do.

I have seen this happen times without number. When you advise her on what to do. She will still do it her own way without telling you and when it fails she runs back to you again.

NOW THAT YOU KNOW THE REASONS WHY MEN ARE ATTRACTED TO YOUNGER WOMEN. What can you do to keep men attracted to you if you are older? #hmm, that’s a big question but I’ll answer it easily here.

Let’s run through the points.


In as much as you refuse to acknowledge this. Men love women with the figure so can you work on this, please? There are exercises you can do that can put you back in shape and get the men calling you as you walk pass them sharp sharp.


Hellooooo, We know you have the experience but can you just pretend for once you don’t know. Renew your heart because when it comes to love we don’t need an experienced woman we need an inexperienced woman.


Yes, I mentioned earlier respect is part of love, it’s romance to us. We know your age, we know you’re older but can you just respect us (men) except if you don’t plan getting married.


Come on, play along with us. We know we are grown-ups but it’s OK to play and act like kids. You might see this has a child’s play but to us, it’s creating memories besides we know when to act matured so please stop telling us we are acting like children.


If you can’t acknowledge men in their advice why date men. A man wants to be relaxed when he’s not around you’ll follow is advise. If you don’t trust the man that you’re dating when it comes to advising, why marry him? #mitcheew. Stubborn girl.

There you have it. Those are the reasons why men will go for young women than older women.

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