4 Little Things Men Do That…

From the beginning was sex and so shall it be till thy kingdom come.

Yes! I know, when the word “sex” comes to your mind, all you think of is carnality, dirtiness and, any other bad word that you can find.

You’re not alone in this, trust me, I too use to think that way until I picked myself up with some bible scriptures, messages, and seminars on this.

Whether you (we) like it or not, SEX something we cannot brush aside if, we want to keep the production of the human race running and the marriage sanity ongoing.

Our forefathers knew this very well, that’s why in those days, they groom their children about sex the moment they see that they are ripe for it.

At the appropriate age, when a child is old enough to know this. He/she will go to their parent to learn. Back then, these kids were thought sex (sex education) as if they will be sitting for it in a year time. The girl moves close to her mother to learn about Menstruation and womanhood before these things come.

And, you see the male child getting closer to his father before he attains puberty to be thought sex, as this is to prepare him for the unknown in the sexual world.

Both sexes are both taught what virginity is all about and, the dignity that comes with it and this helped in shaping the world back then, as little as it is.

Today, the world has changed,

Sex is now been tasted everywhere like we taste pepper soup, now carried like a god that if you don’t join the train of those doing it, you will be counted as a fool (I was called a fool once for not getting down with a girl that I believed loved me)… The list is endless. Our fathers never watched soaps yet, their wives had the best sex in their marriage. So what can we say is the reason why today’s men can’t perform like his forefathers? Sex without instead of sex within.

When it comes to sex, what comes to a man’s mind is his penis and, the woman, her vagina or the ability for a man to last long. Well, It is natural to think this way but, this is wrong according to psychologists. According to psychology, the first thing that should come to our minds when it comes to sex is our brain. Don’t let it confuse you, if it is.

One of the reason why everybody fail today is because, we place priority to what we see than what we don’t see (misplaced priority).

We go to buy a car and, we place priority on how the car looks (the body) than how good the engine is. We want to marry a woman and we place our priority on how beautiful she looks rather than, what she has inside (character). Women want to buy shoes and, they place priority on how beautiful the shoes look instead of, how comfortable they are while wearing it. Misplaced priorities, all misplaced priorities.


I must say, technology has done more harm than good in this aspect. At this age, the typical youth is exposed to porn. It is just a click away, as we all say now because search engines made it that way. Every pop-ups on your page once in a while.

The latest study carried out last year by a regular porn site “name withheld” now shows that women are now watching porn and, that most women now, prefer solo sex than actual sex with their spouses.

One of my mentors told me about a man who would have his wife next to him on bed and yet, he will still go to the bathroom to masturbate when, he’s having the urge. That tells you how far these habits have gone. Just in case you’re dealing with this (masturbation) right now, click HERE to know it’s long term effects and how to stop it.

Here’s another wow factor,

When it comes to sex, it’s not about how strong you are physically because another STUDY too has also proved this wrong by telling us obese men last longer than strong athletic men.

Earlier, we talked about the reproductive organs of both males and females that, that’s the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to sex. So let’s move on to “Why we men of today are not performing our fore-fathers.”

Healthy foods have gone down the drain

This is one of the most important reason why today’s men can no longer perform like their forefathers, not only that, it’s also one of the major reasons why the life expectancy of men has drastically dropped. 80 out of 100% food that waste today are healthy foods while the rest 20% are junk foods.

This tells us that healthy foods are no longer appreciated. Our doctors have said it times without number that we should eat more healthy foods, but it seems their words are beginning to sound like a cliche. Please, you can’t get the magic anywhere, you want to get the most out of your life? Start eating good foods.

Our forefathers had no choice when it came to this because there were no bad foods then. Most of the foods our fathers ate then where even aphrodisiacs to their health.

Exercise seems to be the toughest thing to do

Really, it’s not far fetched. With the increase in strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and, the likes, exercise and maintaining a good diet seems to be the major way out of these diseases but still, people are lazy about this.The rural men worked their bums on their farms every day.

They had biceps and triceps as a result of these. Today’s man job specification is different, if he doesn’t go to the gym, he’s on his own.

It is said that exercising every day can improve your libido and fertility up to 70%. You don’t believe this? Try it out.


The definition of “work” has changed in today’s world. Man’s definition of work now is 8am to 5pm with the amount of time spent in traffic. That’s about 12 hours of work time. In all this, it is so hard to find rest and when you do. It’s not enough.

All these take a toll on a man’s emotional and physical well-being and in turn affect his sexual health. The only way to beat this is to start resting like our fathers.

And finally,

 Looking for short solutions to long problems

Today’s men never address their health issues. Immediately they find themselves in these issues, they are always looking for short ways to cut out. Please, stop looking for a short solution to health problems? They actually make it worse. Yes, I had to put, please.

Reminds me of a story I was told once about a man that bought a sex performance herbs from a mallam because he was having issues satisfying his wife.

This man had to live with the erection for five days. Yes, the story still resounds up there. At least, he Learnt his lessons hopefully.

Dear Men,

I know it is hard to follow these lay down rules when it comes to sex within not without but can we try one first and see how it goes. Then we can goes for the rest little by little…


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