Wondering Why Men are Scared of Marriage? Here is it!

Each day and day passes and we see both men and women getting married. We see the man all looking lovey-dovey, and the woman getting her romance groove on.

The fact that you see men especially, getting married every day does not mean they are not scared of marriage. ALL MEN are scared of marriage, they might not tell you, in fact, they will not tell you but this doesn’t mean they are not scared.

Ladies, the fact that he is proposing marriage to you does not mean he is not scared. What just happened is that probably he has overcome it or maybe he is trying to do so.

Marriage itself is not what really scares men but the packages that come with it.

The number one thing a male wants from a female is sex.

Now, don’t get me wrong! It’s the number one thing because that’s how God made it.

A man is ready for sex say what? 10-20 seconds while a woman is said to take much much time depending on the factors surrounding her like genetic make-up, emotional wellness and environment.

These 3 things determines if you get action from a woman.

Now, for a male to get this number one thing from female? He has to marry her. Men if you want sex you’ve got to put a ring on that finger. if you truly love her like you profess you do. you should be able to stick with her for the rest of your life. #smiles, now, I just cracked some bones in my guys.


I love God’s commandments because it’s the foundation of life.

Yes! It’s the only foundation everything can stand on. #smiles, I heard of a particular country can’t remember the name now that banned their men from marrying just one lady, that every single man must marry at least 2 single ladies.

They said this is because of the population of single ladies is thrice the population of men. It was funny to me but this is a serious issue. To them, that’s the solution to the overpopulated single women hanging around their country but is that really the solution?

Yo also heard!

Of another country, this one is not far from us in fact, it’s right next to our borders that permit married women to have another man in their life especially if they are looking for children.

Note: They don’t have to marry the men. This is just for sexual relations, and the husband has no say in this. If he can’t permit this?

All he can do is to divorce her. So many awkward news going round the world. Some extremely funny, some not so funny and some bad. You have not heard this news? Where have you been? Under the earth? Start reading…


When you see a male, what comes to mind?


When you see a female. What comes to mind?


That is why more men watch pornography than women and that is why more women read romance novel and watch Telemundo than men. For both sexes to get what they want from each other, there have to be a marriage union. And who says women also are not scared of marriage? They have more fears than men.

A piece of advice,

Don’t enter marriage for the wrong reasons. Make sure everything is checked before you go ahead.

Enough said,

The number 1 thing males dream of when it comes to life in marriage is sex.

I have heard some of my funny friends say things like “my wife is in trouble on our wedding night” and some say “she won’t even rest all.”

Who is to blame here?

Typically, no one. Everyone is just looking at it from the sex angle. One of my uncles who just got married told me something I left on my left hand.

He said “Ralph, don’t be deceived by what you see about marriage. I used to think like you. I had even heard dreams of sex in the parlor, kitchen and bathroom but this turns out to be just dreams.

When responsibilities hit you, sex will be the last thing on your mind. In fact, when your wife tells you oya! You’ll tell her you’re tired and pretend like your sleeping.” “Ralph, I only have sex when I’m in desperate need for it” and I’m thinking “this can happen to a newly wedded man?”

This brings me to my number one reason why men are scared of marriage.

Why Men are Afraid of Marriage

1. Responsibilities

From the moment a man gets married. It’s no longer “him” it’s about “we”. The man has to pay house rent, utility bills and the rest, also, he has to plan ahead what we all call future planning and what makes this worse is the financial requirements from the extended family.

Note: he no longer has one extended family. He now has two, his wife’s family is now added. Want to kill a man sexual drive? Give him responsibilities. Want more on this topic? I talked more about it HERE

2. Privacy

In as much as men love women, men love their privacy too.

That “me” time can never be replaced. First of all, he has to sleep in the same bed with his wife, that’s number one privacy taken. Second of all, no more “me” time in the bathroom especially if his wife likes bathing with him.

Know this,

Men love their alone time in the bathroom as this is the time they use in meditating. Not that he doesn’t like bathing with his wife. It’s just that that’s the time he uses in meditating.

3. Kids

Men are extremely scared of kids. Not monster kind of scared but scared of the responsibility that comes with having babies. I went to visit one of my sisters who gave birth sometimes last year and I was amazed by what I saw with the little time I spent there.

Both of them typically had sleepless night till morning. They were not able to sleep even for an hour. I saw the expression on her husband’s face and I was not happy.

A study wanted to know why women keep having babies despite the fact that they hated the labour room. What they discovered was amazing. They discovered that women purposely got pregnant even when their men say they no longer want babies just to keep their men at home. Let me explain If you don’t understand.

Let’s say the man says he wants just 2 kids, his wife might first agree with this but when she suspects his cheating on her or about to cheat on her. She gets pregnant for him again. So has to make him stay at home, and to make him pay more bills.

By doing this he stays at home more and stays less outside, spends more money at home, spends less outside. Till he has no time or money to spend outside for cheating.

So basically, women give men more babies in other for them not to cheat (keep them at home).

4. Sex-based on her demands

Men know that once they get married it’s no longer their call but their wife’s call. At the first few years of marriage, men are usually the ones initiating sex and the styles they want but this changes as time passes and this is very awkward to men as men like being primitive.

5. Submission

In as much as men rebuke the word “submission” before marriage. They still submit in their marriage. A married man told me once “do what she says or you are not getting it that night” and I said to myself ” is it that extreme? this is funny!”

So if you don’t do what she says She will blackmail you emotionally. No man wants to be “da ribo ribo” told what do that why men run from marriage.

Like what I said earlier, the fact that men have these fears in mind does not mean they won’t get married. Some actually outgrow these fears gradually while some don’t until they get married.

But I think we should give men a round of a plus because even as they have these fears in mind they still propose marriage to ladies and get married…

“Thumps up to every married man.” #smiles,…

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  1. It’s no secret that a man’s ego has a powerful pull on him.

    In fact this hardwired need to impress and to WIN is so deeply embedded into the male mind…

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    It’s why so many men become workaholics, gym junkies or become obsessed with their hobbies.

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    Mr Gix

    P.S. When you tap into a man’s ego this way, you can cause him to literally become obsessed with proving his love for you. So please don’t use this on a man unless you are ready for something serious.

    Thanks again.

  2. Wow! With what I've seen so far, i must say Mr Alix you've been changing lives from were you are… I'm impressed! Thanks for Stopping by and commenting… If you don't mind me asking. Where are you commenting from?

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