Nigerian Lottery: Why Playing It Will Not Make You Rich

With the increase of so many get rich quick schemes springing out each day, many youths are now shifting their eyes from hard work to work less, earn more, in order to get everything they want in life.

Not that these schemes have not been before there, they have, but today youths embraced it more than our fathers.

There was a time when it was all about sports betting. Now, it’s MMM. “Have you heard of MMM?” “Have you registered?” “Won’t you join?”

“Don’t you want to make money?” and so on are the words I hear from everyone around me.

In fact, it has also been a subject for discussion in the church. Everyone wants to make their money at all costs. “We all want to eat soup from someone else’s pot.”

Most people who made money from these get rich quick schemes have gone back to their square root one and will still keep going there. It’s so ironic because, these schemes (in their minds) are meant to take them to another level after, they’ve won big but, it looks like they keep on going in round circles.

“They all got it wrong, and this is why they got it wrong.”

They believed that these schemes will make them rich. So far, it has not, as per what I’ve seen and some famous study done online.

I have studied people, even close friends who are into these schemes, and so far, I have not seen positive changes in their lives and, those that I see don’t last long.

I use to have a barber then, about 5 or 6 years ago, just adjacent to my house. For quite some time, he was into baba ijebu. He played, played, and played to the extent that he had to starve himself just to play. He looked miserable but, didn’t care because he believed that one day he will hit it big. Guess what! He did.

According to what I heard, he made a huge sum. I couldn’t tell the precise because everyone that told me about it was giving me a different figure.

He made it big to the extent that he didn’t border to continue with his barbing business. The first thing he did was to buy a car, take his friends to one of the biggest hotels on the island to celebrate with him. His level changed.

He also changed his apartment and then we stopped hearing from him until 5 years later, I saw him trekking on my street looking tattered and retarded.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I said to myself  – “is this not bro so so so, who use to be my barber?” I was in doubt. So I went to meet him. I greeted and, he responded and, I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

Turned out he came to see one of his old friends that day.

Also heard of a man in the U.S, who made a huge sum in fact, the second huge sum so far in the lotto world. He became a billionaire in just one day and was never heard of until about 12 years later, in one village, looking after animals. That’s life!

With all these experience and research I have done so far, I’m gonna give you 5 reasons why get rich schemes will never make you rich.

Why Playing Nigerian Lottery Will Not Make You Rich


Because people who normally play these quick money games never plan how they will spend it or what to use it for when it comes, they squander it on useless things, you know the saying that says “any money not planned for, can never be used judiciously, right!

Because people who play these games are never sure they will win, when they do, they don’t know what to do with it.


Somehow, people who are into quick rich schemes never use the money when won to take care of their needs rather, they use it in taking care of their wants. It’s like they have been cursed not to use this money for something good. Confused? let me explain.

Remember what we were thought in economics back then?

Wants are things we can do without that is, we don’t necessarily need them. While needs are things we really need. In other words, we cannot really survive without them.

So far, It has been noticed that people who win money from get-rich-quick schemes like baba ijebu, sports betting and so on… spend them useless things like cars, expensive apartments and others. How will they be rich?


Whether quick money schemes or not, any money you didn’t sweat for before you get them will be spent anyhow. Think of this, in those times you’ve been dashed money for dashing sake and in those times you’ve been given money you duely worked for.

How was your experience on these monies?

Be honest with yourself.


Quick money schemes will not make you rich because it kills your creativity. I will be candid with you, people especially youths who get involved in get rich quick schemes are never creative and this is due to all their attention have been shifted.

These people no longer have the time to read, not even to educate themselves. This schemes have eaten deep into them that all seconds of the day are used to think on what game to play, what next to do?

God gave every man the ability and power to produce and create. If he maximizes this, he will thrive beyond measure. Bill Gates is a typical example.


When it comes to riches, only God can do it. Quick money schemes will not make you rich because it takes you away from God. It takes you away from believing he (God) alone can make you rich without the God factor in your life, win all you want, you’ll never become rich because only God can tell you where to invest, how to invest, and what to invest in.



According to some finance books I’ve read, it’s almost impossible to be rich without saving. Here’s how the gist goes. People who are into get rich quick schemes never have any amount to save, as they always use all have and even all they have won to win more.

Get this straight, it’s almost impossible to be wealthy without a saving culture. Before you can start a business, you must have something you have gathered.

Listen to me!

It is impossible to buy and do all these things when you have spent all the money on betting or betting and so so.

My final thought on this;

Quick money has not made people rich in the past and it may never make people rich in future rather, it will only give them money to spend and boast around with.

Wanna be rich? Stop looking for short cuts and start sweating it out…

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