Let Me Tell You About My FIRST LOVE

They say there’s nothing like your first love. Is that true or a hoax?

I leave that for you to answer.

As for me! My answer is within me, buried so deep that I’m just starting to reach the middle ground. Do men really fall in love? That’s the question on most ladies hearts and including married women. Well, I’m here to break the ice that it is true. We fall so deep in love that we can’t help it.

I met my first love when I was in my senior secondary school years. Just the right time I was getting to know myself better as a man. The saying “don’t just pass through school but let the school pass through you” was something I did unconsciously. I enjoyed my schooling days.

In fact, I would say those days were one of the best of my schooling days.


Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to this New Year!

I want to take this time out to wish you happy New Year. I have met you or not? Happy New Year! Welcome to this excellent year. As for me “it’s a year of glory.” What is yours? Let me know.

I was young and innocent yet so opened to everything. All the days of my life at least, from the time I’ve been able to recognize my right from wrong. I have always been attractive to the opposite sex both the girls I’m interested in and the ones I’m not interested in.

Don’t ask me how because it’s like asking honey how it attracts ants. However, I don’t misuse the gift. It made me make friends easily with everyone especially female folks.

It all started when my family and I moved from one area to another for convenience. We moved to this nice apartment and the environment was cool and it was just a matter of time I started to get acquainted with almost everyone on my street. From the pepper seller, to the pharmacist, to everyone person that has something to sell. That was how I meet her. Her mother sells provisions.

I came back from school one day as usual and I was hungry. So I took some money on me to buy some noodles I can cook pending the time my mum comes in and cook dinner. I went to my usual customer’s shop and I was told he went out so I decided to try her place for the first time if I could get what I wanted.

“Who is here? Who is here? I want to buy noodles.” She answered and came out.

She attended to me but from that day I could not get my mind off her. Asides the fact that she was beautiful; there was something about her I could not place. Before you call yourself beautiful you needed to have seen this girl that made me fall. She was dark in complexion [not as dark as me], average height and with a smile that could melt the hardest rock [like olumo rock].

While I was busy nursing my feelings, we started talking. Somehow my jokes were light but they all seem to crack her up big time. I would leave my house as if someone is chasing me and go stay with her for hours and when it was time for me to go, she’ll say “not yet” please stay more. We talked about anything and everything.

Her unpainted finger nails were so cute that I added “holding her hands” to my hobbies. Don’t mind me. I loved holding her hands when we were together. She also smiles when I do this as she doesn’t know why I do this but I never told her.

Unlike today that feelings must be expressed verbally [orally], we hardly said how we felt about each other at first yet, our hearts spoke. We did almost everything together that everyone around us started giving meaning to our closeness.

I loved her imperfections and even asked for more. She wouldn’t have her bath and I would make jest of her but even in it I still loved her more.  Wait! It’s not a big deal about LOVE. It’s a big deal about FIRST LOVE. I guess that why we never forget our first friend, our first outing, our first shoe, our first account, our first work, our first … We can’t forget because there were always memories behind the first.

I thought I was the only one in love, I saw her gestures but I guess I just needed an affirmation.

Recently, one of my co-workers smiled to me and she asked me

“which will I marry?

Will I marry someone that loves me but I don’t love or will I marry someone I love but don’t love me” I told her “None”.

She said “it’s not possible.” I must choose one. I told her again “None”.

Then she replied “it’s not possible to love someone the same way you love them”.

I told her “it is” because I have experienced it. This is some of the lies we youths tell ourselves today that it’s not possible for someone to love you the same way you love them.  “At least, she loves me even if I don’t feel the same way. It’s all good. If she loves me she won’t be able to cheat on me”.  Not knowing that the fact that a lady loves you doesn’t mean she won’t cheat on you but the fact that she has self-control and she fears God.

It’s a must for you to feel the same way she feels about you before there can be a relationship before you even think of marriage. Being in a relationship were only one person is in love is like pushing a knocked car. You’ll die and someone else will make money by selling its spare part.

If a man’s heart is hard. It is because he has not loved and if he has loved. it is because he has been betrayed by those he loved [not necessary his first love]. The day she told me how she felt about me was the day I truly believed I can fly. I thank my stars I was not on anything that as height, I would have tested it out. I looked at her all blushing.

Recently, I was in church one day and gracefully I met a message that changed my life. Basically, it was on “first love” as pertaining to the bible [Revelation 2: 4] which says “but I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first.”

The message had me glued to my chair till the preacher was done. It opened my eye to see that most problems we have right now in the world; war, famine and the rest can be linked to this message. Imagine me loving my family, friends, everyone around me like the way I loved my first love. Imagine me loving Jesus like the way I loved my first love.

I remember the day my first love and I had our first misunderstanding. It was like the heavens was about to drop on us. Our fight was serious that we didn’t talk for 3 months but even in this. We had ourselves in our heart [How do I know this? She told me when we made up.] She prayed for me and I secretly prayed for her. I still bought things from her mother’s shop and I asked of her when I didn’t see her.

Although now I still do this. Ask for my friends when I don’t see them but I didn’t know it has to spread around. Hmm, first love. For those of us who married our first love. Happy you but I want you to know that this doesn’t mean your marriage will be perfect. Congrats anyways…

We keep learning each day…

I’m sure you also had first love. Tell me your gist or are you shy?

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