Public Displays of Affection: PDA Is Stronger Than Sex

Have you heard of PDA before?

You might have not but I’m sure you have done it or seen someone do it right in your presence; you just didn’t know it’s called PDA.

For those us that have heard this acronym before but still don’t know the meaning, it fully called Public Display of Affection.


What is PDA?

PDA in clear terms means the way of expressing love to your loved ones publicly by touch or acknowledging their presence by touching.

And for those of us who are wondering what PDA mean in texting.

What PDA in Texting Mean

PDA in texting means a way of texting your loved one that they feel you are currently with them or you’re touching them. It is like sexting but it’s far different.

What is PDA in Love?

Public Displays of Affection in love means physical intimacy with someone you love by touching, hugging or kissing them in public places.

Before deciding to talk on this topic, I did some homework and so far! The result I got to know whether PDA’s are good or not has not been straight. It’s not Google’s fault. It’s the view of different writers, relationship experts, psychologists and the rest, but after my personal experience, I must say I agree with sources that say PDA’s are good.

They say the only way for you to know if something really works is to try it yourself and see if it works.

According to Psychologists and relationship experts, a woman’s body is meant to be touched and held. In clearer term “women’s bodies are meant to be touched.” It’s like a necklace; it is meant to be worn on the neck for everyone to see.

However, in as much as women like been touched and this secret been exposed. No woman will ever tell you she wants to be touched. She’ll rather send this as a signal in her body language and hope and pray hard you’re able to read {decode} this.

Are you married? Here is the news flash. Your wife will never tell you this, rather she will just send signals and if you’re not picking this. Her best way of making it clear to you is by telling you-you’re not connecting with her.

The most common reply men have to this thought when it crosses their mind is “why can’t she just tell me her emotional needs; after all, we are not strangers. She is my wife!” yeah! That’s because men are straight forward, men are built to be straight. But for women, it’s the exact opposite.

Women are not proactive when it comes to expressing feelings. Your wife will tell you she needs to make her hair, she’ll tell you when she needs new lingerie but will find it hard to tell you her emotional needs.

A busy man can’t know what his wife needs

I agree we need to make money.

We need to bring money home so our family can live life as they ought to but it should not be at the expense of our family’s emotional needs. Stephen with a PH of the deep soul is good at explaining this. You should listen to him sometime.

It’s not a curse if you are busy calculating numbers not paying attention to your wife, someone else might start calculating your wife for you (giving her the attention).

All she needs is someone that will notice when she changed her hairdo or when she is putting on new make-up or when she deserves a hug and that the end.

Women don’t Cheat Easily Like Men


What I just said is not to make you afraid but awake. Yeah! Your wife might have seen someone who notices her easily but she won’t still do it (cheat on you). However! Her mind is (her mind is already cheating on you.)

This is called emotional cheating. Her body might continue to be present but her soul is distant and like we know, it is the person that has the soul that owns the body.

Women whose soul can’t be diverted, divert themselves to watching romance movies like Telemundo and romance novels. She invests all her emotions into this until she has nothing left to give.

Some men don’t even know Private Display of Affection

Someone once said the reason why a woman’s body is curvy (hourglass shape) is so that we (men) can be able to touch and hold them firmly.

These words still make me smile today when I remember them. He used a coke bottle has an example and that just nailed it for me.

He said the reason why a coke bottle cannot slip from your hand is because of its figure and I agree with him. I bet you know it’s not easy for a coke bottle to slip from your hand. If it is, then you need to wash your hand with vim or wood ash (aru).

Another relationship expert said “the way you touch a woman determines your relationship with her. Let me go deeper just in case you didn’t understand that.

When you shake a lady (not talking about a lady you just met). I mean someone you already know. It means friendship and when you side hug her, it means more than friends and that “more than a friend” is in 3 different parts. (Close friend, best friend, and girlfriend).

Now, why am I talking on the importance of Public Display of Affection when some men don’t even know Private Display of Affection?

Because no law says one must come first.  They are both the same. The only difference is one is done indoor (private), the other is done outside (public) (especially for everyone to see) and besides it’s like learning how to fly before learning how to leap.

Yeah! Sometimes you have to fly before you leap. When you do PDA outside, it will be easier to do inside.

Some men show PDA outside to make you think all is well with their family but it’s all a lie

I call these men deceivers; all they are good at is painting a perfect picture of their family to make you feel jealous of them.

In fact, it gets to a point, when this jealousy gets to an extreme you begin to use these deceivers family as a point of contact to your family (wanting your family to be like his) and when you discover the story is not as true as they paint it (they have a dysfunctional family).

You begin to regret why you compared your family with theirs in the first place.

This kind of activity is rampant among celebrities. They paint a perfect picture of their family that everyone says “wow!” “What a wonderful family, happy all through” and the next day you hear they have been having issues since they got married. And you say “So there are families like this.”

Don’t be deceived by pictures you see on Facebook or Instagram. For you to be sure someone’s marriage is all well, you need to be more than a friend to that person’s family.

My advice on PDA before telling you why it is good

A. Don’t try this with strangers as this might make you look awkward.

B. Don’t do this to pretend all is well when it is not. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. Let people know all is not well when it is not really well. You never know help might come from the person next to you.

C. Notice what your significant other (wife) like (I mean the PDA she likes) and don’t overdo it.

D. Once married (that’s if you’re not yet for now) don’t do this with anyone else except your wife. It might not be a big deal to you but it is a big deal to your significant other.

E. Do not give PDA to your kids when your wife is not getting enough. This might cause some beefing between your wife and kids (especially if your kids are girls).

F. Know yourself while doing this; you don’t want to get an erection by simply hugging wife. This is not bad indoors but it’s bad outdoors.  When I say know yourself. I mean know your personality or temperament. If you’re melancholic then that good for you.

G. Melancholics are good at PDAs they are natural touchers and this does apply to men too. I am a Melancholic. I prefer tapping someone on their shoulders than calling their names to get their attention. That’s me for you. Who are you?

That’s enough for now…

And why some men don’t show PDAs (even when they know it’s what their family wants)

Humans are like computers, it is what you put in them while they are young they will grow with. If you don’t train your kids on how to show PDAs, they won’t even try it when they grow up. These men literally turn to work robots when they grow.

I have also heard of men who say showing PDAs make them look lesser a man. That when they try this PDA stuff, it makes them look like someone is wearing them a skirt.

Yes! I know it’s funny. These men need to be assured time and time again that it’s normal to do PDA before they are can to do this easily and in extreme cases need to visit a psychologist.

Some men don’t show PDAs yet again because they feel love should only be expressed in the 4 walls of a house or a bedroom. This kind of men their wife dear not to hug them in public, they’ll go crazy.


Why PDAs are Good for Men

Gone are the days when romance starts in the bedroom. Now romance starts outside and ends in the bedroom. Our mothers loved the old fashioned romance!

But the jet age girl wants love anywhere and everywhere.  I myself have not been able to demystify (explain) this and so also relationship experts.

It like the rules changed for no reason. It’s like hating plantain all of a sudden not because it gives you a stomach ache or anything but because you just don’t fancy or like it anymore. So what can we say?

Can we say the modern woman (the woman of today) just woke one day and outgrow this kind of loving?

Sometimes a wife can even measure the love her husband has for her by the emotions he shows towards her outside (outdoors) than the one inside (indoors).

And in extreme cases, if she in any way senses that your love for her indoor surpasses the one outside? She might withdraw from you. Only sensitive men can recognize this when it happens.

So if you ask me why PDA is important.

I’ll say it is important because it will spice up your life as a couple.

I once had a close friend who was extremely good at this (we are still friends till today). At first, I was getting the wrong signals.

I thought she wanted something more (with me) not knowing that just the way she is. Note: some ladies are just like this when they are comfortable with you. However, do not overstep your boundaries.

And ladies like this will want PDAs when they get married not because of anything but just because that the way they are. If you’re seeing this character in your potential wife to be. Be prepared!

Another reason why PDA’s are good for you is that it spices up your sex life as a couple (married). Research done so far on couples shows that couples who show PDAs great sex life. An ordinary touch from someone you love can release stress-free and relaxing chemicals.

So tell what will happen if PDAs are done regularly?

I didn’t say all this, Researchers did. In fact, according to them, it is recommended that after each workday, we should sleep in the arms of the ones we love as this helps us to relax and sleep better.

Number three; ask anyone, they will tell you that body language is more trusted, reliable than the words of the mouth.


Because words may lie but the body never lies. When I confirmed this fact, I had to read Allan Pease’s book on body language. Why I read it? I needed people’s body expression to truly confirm things than their mouths that’s why.

Final words: it’s all about discovering life secrets. You don’t know the answer to most questions in your heart and head because you have not bothered asking. Gone are the days when curiosity kills the cat. Now, it saves the cat…

Try some things out. You never know it may fit. Like they say, you never know how good something is until you try it out… Chao…

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