Jaw-dropping Truth About Rapists and Pedophiles (You Don't Know)

I could remember one time I told someone I was almost raped as a boy, that day I was taken for the biggest lair Naija has ever seen and worst of it all, It was as if I said something impossible. 

So here it is, I was almost raped as a child by someone my parents thought they could trust, our neighbor’s house help.

There are so many believes out there especially in Africa about rape that rape can’t just happen out of the blues. There has to be something that went wrong, something left unnoticed. 

Well, I’ve been an Adonis right from a tender age and I’ve always been fancied by my mates and most especially adults but I can’t say if that was the reason I was almost raped by my neighbor’s maid.

Recently, I have been doing some research on abusers in general and what I found amazed me, I don’t know if it will amaze you. 

First of all, I’ll like to congratulate everyone and when I say this I mean the both sexes that have not experienced this ugly part of life. You are lucky! It’s like someone who has not tasted porn.

You are clean and you can make a huge difference in this world, “not that those who have experiences can’t make a difference to. I’m just choosing you guys first.

Now, let’s move on!

Humans are the most complex beings to study and they have the toughest problems “no offense”. When you think you’ve gotten solutions to a question of today, by tomorrow there’s a bigger problem. That’s why I don’t count the former solutions to stop rape and abuse as a waste of time and energy. The issue is the problem is just evolving.

Some General Misconceptions People Got About Abusers, Rapist and Pedophiles

About a year back, I heard of a father who has been abusing his daughter. Apparently, he’s been doing this since his wife the mother of his daughter went packing after some misunderstanding. He was called all the names you can call someone who did something like that and worse. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to paint myself righteous. I used to think like this (being among the accusers) until I started my background research on abusers, pedophiles and rapist in general. So let’s quickly go through the misconceptions.

Abusers Are Very Wicked People

I’m here to stand against this opinion just has a lawyer would stand in court that abusers are not wicked people. Yes! They are not, rather they have psychological problems like the saying “people are scared of what they don’t know”.

I was reading an article yesterday and it said about 4% of U.S population are pedophiles but most are not coming forward to seek help. Now, this research was done some years ago but to me. It’s still scary!

They are scared how they will be accepted and treated. And if they don’t come forward doctors and psychologists say they can’t find the solution because in other to find solutions they need to study the problems first and to study the problem they have to study pedophiles and potential pedophiles (adults that have fantasized or once considered abusing children but have not gotten the opportunity to).  
This has a lot to do with the human brain, its chemicals and thebehavioral patterns of humans. It’s just like porn addicts. Abusers are not wicked people; they are just people who can’t help themselves till they get caught in the act especially in Nigeria.

Abusers Know Their Boundary or Should Know Their Limit

The worst pedophilic case I’ve heard so far was a man, raping his relative a 3 months old baby and to crown it all, most people say he should have known his boundary meaning “abusers should know who to abuse”. 

Well, I’m here to also break the news flash to you that pedophiles don’t know the difference between an adult and a minor or should I say they know but they just don’t see it as a big deal.

A porn survey done some years ago discovered that porn addict are now moving to child porn (watching child porn) and other parts of the porn industry like gay, lesbianism and so on. This is to make what is becoming boring as a result of been over watched to becoming interesting. This brings me back to our brain, its chemicals and our behavioral patterns.

And asides this just as you can develop your good behaviors from good to best unknowingly; you can also develop your bad behaviors from bad to worse unknowingly.

Porn addicts where tired of the normal porn, sexual acts between a male and a female, oral sex, anal sex and decided to go into something new that would intrigue them and give them more pleasure. Some pedophiles are almost the same to this. They usually get tired of the norm by raping or abusing girls and ladies and go for the unbelievable.

Castration and Death Sentence are The Best Punishment for Them

I don’t know those that suggested castration as the best punishment but if it really is, what goes to the lady who almost raped me if she had succeeded? What goes to the female offenders? That’s one!

Two, I feel castration is not really the solution rather a weapon to render the whole community or continent infertile. Castration and Death sentence has not stopped abusers most especially rapist and pedophiles from abusing people most especially kids. To me, this is like taking panadol (a pain Reliever) to cure malaria.

In my research, I realized castration became a punishment for cheating husbands in some countries but still it hasn’t stopped men of such countries from cheating. So is castration and death sentence really the solution? That’s a question you also need to answer.

Enough of all these misconceptions, let’s move on to the main reason why you are reading this blog post.

The 1 Thing You Never Knew About Abusers, Rapist and Pedophiles

Let me start with this, almost everyone who has got a bad attitude today didn’t just wake to see them. It started from somewhere, I mean it has to be influenced by something, a character, nurture (environment and upbringing), trauma and the likes. This also goes for the good also.

Do you know almost 90% of abusers, rapists and pedophiles were once abused one time or the other in their lives? I mean in Nigeria! I was surprised when I realized this from some articles and interviews I watched both online and on T.V.  

This tells us that there’s a source but because not all cases of rape and abuse are reported, this has made finding help for the abused and raped worse. So this is now the case of the abused being the abuser and the abuser abusing the abusee (if there’s a word like that) and the circle keeps going.

I once heard of a lady who was infected with HIV when she was raped. She then vowed that because this was done to her by men, she was going to infect every man she comes across with the disease. She was successful with this by infected all the men she slept with but however she got HIV2 in return. Her trauma was just influenced by anger but also by revenge.

I bet she didn’t know that there was something called HIV2. As relating this to abusers, I think is more of trying to understand the situation than trying to apportion blame or punishment. So I guess we have not been doing well by castrating the offenders as most of them were also victims of this at one point in their lives.

My Personal Thought on this if you Care to Know

I think it’s time all our doctors, scientist and research foundations in Nigeria and all over the world step up their game by doing their tremendous research and studies and treatments not that they’ve not done a lot before. And I think it’s also time for potential abusers and abusers to come forward with consent to be tested and treated.

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