Lazy Husband Solution to Intimacy After Marriage

Imagine you getting married and your best dreams become your worst nightmare.

Imagine you planning how your life will be and it turning out to be worse.
Imagine you laying next to someone you love and all of a sudden you’re counting your regrets, you’re thinking if it was truly love or it was because of the pretty face, if it was truly chemistry or just the fact that it is because both hail from the same tribe.
I know you’re beginning to lose hope, because all your attempts in trying to make her want you are still not working.
I know somehow you’ve become fatter in just some few months after the wedding due to her amazing amala and almighty efo, but that may not the reason why she avoids sex or better still intimacy with you.
I know the money has not been coming in regularly also, but come on that cannot be the reason too.
The chemistry may have also reduced due to some familiarities now that you are married and staying together but that may not the reason why she is not digging it down with you and truth be told, bothering yourself with all these thoughts are just going to make things worse because; she has not told you these are her reasons.

Wonder Why Poor and Ugly Men Get (Date and Marry) The Beautiful Women?

Well, I discovered this long time ago on my quest on understanding how attraction works between male and female relationships. I saw men poor broke and ugly men dating and even marrying beautiful women and I didn’t how this was possible and why it happened.
I thought since men love and chased pretty things i.e. pretty women, same should apply for women that women should also chase and love pretty things like pretty (handsome and Adonis) men, little did I know that I was wrong, super wrong!
Sorry for using the word ugly,
I know it’s harsh but I just have to because this is true.
Now, let’s move on…
Have you ever asked yourself how poor men in particular where able to date and marry good beautiful women?


I know what your answer is going to be. That it’s impossible for poor men to date and marry pretty women. They bewitched them. Poor men were able to do this by using what we call jaz on these pretty women, it’s just not possible. Yeah! Keep dreaming!

Even till today, this mentality has not changed among us and I’m not surprised because I’ve heard this even from my close friends, they say it, that if you don’t have money, you can’t date women not to talk of the pretty ones. Like I said earlier, keep dreaming!

Change Your Dirty Mind About the Poor

When most people hear the word “poor” what they try to do is to associate it with what they can see like the tattered clothes, the 1-0-1 or 1-0-0 meal that person has per day, the rough and untidy hair the person carries, the salary that a person earns and so on and I must say this has led to so many ladies losing potential husbands because they feel a poor man is a person that lacks money not knowing that that is not always the case.

Most People Think they just want a Good Life but What they Actually want is An Extravagant Life

I have heard some women say they can’t marry a man who doesn’t have a car. I can’t marry a man who doesn’t live in a duplex and so on. “So they say!”  They continue saying this till all suitable suitors, passes and desperation come into play.
A lady who has this kind of mentality can never get married and if she does, she will end up settling for the worse. What’s even more surprising is that I hear men also do this also.
Now, back to what we were discussing earlier about poor men and gorgeous women.
If poor men quote and unquote are getting the ladies, the pretty ladies at that, what are you doing wrong? Well, now you know it not about money. You can’t keep a lady all because you’re rich. If you do, it won’t last for long.

Don’t ask me why; ask rich men who have been divorced by their amazing wives.

What about ugly men?

Yes, and what about ugly men?

What the hassle about ugly men?

Why was beauty so in love with the beast despite his looks?

You remember the movie right? In fact, it’s in season now.

Why are ugly celebrities (no offence) like the singer of “Kiss from a rose” married to a pretty woman?

It all boils down to one thing, it’s not about looks, it never was and if it was then, it’s now overrated. Handsome men, Adonis men can also tell you their experience on this.
Now, that we have established that it’s about the looks and the money can we move on? Yes, we can move on.
So since your wife is not hitting you with intimacy after marriage maybe sex is not just a big deal to her?

Why Sex Not a Big Deal to Women?

Absolutely wrong! Sex is a big deal to all women and most especially to your wife? Don’t be wiped in the face by that fallacy. The only thing is; women are reactive to sex, unlike men who are proactive. You don’t understand? I’ll explain this as we go.
I once heard the confessionsof a single lady to be married, that broke the ice for me.
Note: you can see I said confessions. Yes! I chose this word consciously. This is because I know I can’t get these expressions from heron normal days only on special days.
This close friend of mine confessed her sexual fantasies this day and I was wowed. She was very choosy in her choice of words that she used lovemaking instead of sex, romance instead of smooching and so on.

Not only that. She was also specific on the temperature of the room which will be their bedroom. You’re asking me if it’s that serious. Yes, this is very serious.

Sex is a super deal to women; I know the women folks reading this is putting on a cute smile.
Yes! Sex is a robust fat deal to women/ladies; the only difference is they just don’t jump around like men when it comes to it. Another thing, because women are made emotional, they tend to dwell more on their emotional side than their sexual side.

Women are Responsive not Proactive when it comes to sex

Studies say women are responsive when it comes to sex, but I think this does not apply to only sex, it applies to everything. When I mean everything I mean everything. Don’t stress yourself, God created them that way.
Here’s a scenario,
While a man can easily decide what to wear out while having his bath, a woman will spend the whole day thinking and looking for the perfect dress or attire to wear (upon the massive wears she has). She will tell you she is confused about what to wear.
And at some point, you may even have to choose for her and it’s most likely she wear what you pick for her. I have seen this happen most especially with my mum, my sister and also some of my female friends. That is what we call being responsive.
So it’s extremely rear for your wife to tell you she wants sex from you if she is in the mood, it’s very rear but however, there will be some signals (what I usually call telltale signs) she’s going to throw at you every now and then and it is when you show (not tell) her you want to have sex with her (by courting her) that she will also show (not tell) you that she wants to have it with you.
In other words, showing her you’re interested will also make her feel interested.

Why the Old Approach Men use to get Sex From Women no Longer Work Today

Well, I guess this is because women are just tired of this lazy approach. They realized that it has been giving men what they want and them nothing and they are tired, freaking tired. I don’t blame men for using this trick for trying to please their wife.

It worked that’s why they did it. If it didn’t, they’ll have stopped it.

It’s kind of like what we were thought in economics under demand and supply. If demand doesn’t need something, supply won’t supply it because it knows it is going to be a waste.

Then women thought it was all about pleasing them materially, so men bought them material things but things have changed today and guess what? It’s no longer about the big fancy things anymore.

And guess what you’ll always be a fool until you know this amazing secret

Yes, you will always be a fool until realize this secret that makes her (a woman’s) world go round. I’ll say this if you’ve not been going for seminars on marriage, reading books on women psychology and biology, listening to beneficial tapes and other sources and you say you’re married you’ve just killed yourself.
Yes! You’ve mistakenly shot yourself while taking care of your gun.
Ignore the “happily ever after” created by Hollywood. It’s just a fallacy. You never have a happily ever after marriage if you don’t work at it and keep working at your marriage.
So finally,

Emotions say it all because it’s all about emotions

Have you ever watched a romance movie before? The one that caught my eyes the most was Titanic. I was never tired of it. I could literally watch titanic 5 times a day just to keep myself indoors.

Titanic was it for me!

What was it for you?

If you have watched any romance movie before, I want you to think of the feeling that comes on you and move in you will watching this film and reminisce on them.

How do they make you feel?

The way it makes you feel is the same way women want to feel, and it’s the same way your wife wants to feel towards you. She wants to look at you and melt. It’s all about emotions.

It’s about how you make her feel.
Advertising agencies now know this and they have been using it well on people. If you are able to get this now, it will not only change your marital life but all other areas of your life. If you can make people feel a good emotion towards you not necessarily romantic all the time, you’ll be able to get almost anything from them.
The adverts on Coca-Cola want to make you forget about the consequences of sugar. That’s tasteful the advert is…
Now, bringing this to women,
Women want to be wanted, chased and caressed and men are stylishly lazy about this or should I say they don’t want to do this because they feel it’s too much work and I get it. Right! Like men say no time to waste time, we want sex and that’s it. After sex, let live but this is not the same for women.
I tell men almost all men I’ve met that you make a woman or women, in general, will do anything for you if you know how to satisfy her/their emotions (get your mind out of the gutter, I don’t mean sleeping with them).

If you have been asking what women want all this while, this is what she wants. How you make her feel. This must come first before the 5 love language.

I know you want sex but have you ever thought of just caressing her to bed?

I know you want sex but have you thought of having a shower with her. I know you want sex but have you have her told her how much you love her body (this might not be a big deal to you but it is to women as women are very insecure about their bodies).

Yes, women are super-sensitive about the way they look just in case you don’t know.

I know you want sex but have you ever told her how much her physical attributes drive you crazy? Common man, it’s time to build that chemistry if you’ve not been building it or if you’ve buried it.

You want sex tonight?
Start warming her right from the morning.

Warming as in telling her you love her in the morning, helping her out with chores, telling her how beautiful she looks in the morning (this also applies when she look not so good in the morning), kissing her not just for kissing sake but for love sake (kissing her passionately).

The surprising thing is women know when you are just doing this for doing sake (to get something from them) so don’t fake it.

Some men are so tired of loving their wives but they are not tired of sex. They are so tired of courting their wives but they are not tired of having sex with her.

This should not be If you are not tired of sex you should not be tired of loving.

Sex will always be a big work to women if all these are not noted. It’s driving a car without engine oil; I guess you know how this feels. Sex shouldn’t be called for or asked for. It is what you do that leads to sex.

Besides, left to me, I wouldn’t want my wife tell me she wants sex this night when she wants it. I’ll want a more subtle approach. Like she undressing me when I head back from work then to sex.

So, brother, it’s time to stop nagging and go to work, start courting her and romancing her now. Start caressing her because you love her not because it’s a duty.
I hope you will do this passionately and when next you see me. You’ll be able to tell me how mind-blowing your sex life has been that I’ll even become jealous of your sex life.
Thumbs up!

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