5 Horrific Ways Nigerian Men Engaged in Porn - Without Knowing


Recently, I travelled to my hometown.

And while I was there, I visited many places. I didn’t go alone, I went with my family.

Indeed I enjoyed every bit of my outing but the one that stood out for me the most was when we visited a popular pepper soup joint just some miles away from our family house.

My mum told us some awesome facts about the place because according to her she used to visit the joint when she was younger.

We got there, we sat, and we ordered pepper soup and some palm wine which is also known as ‘emu’ to us Yorubas. I, however, was not feeling very well as my body is still trying to adjust to the rural systems and the way of life there. So, I took some palm wine instead and couldn’t do anything but stir at the pepper soup.

My family on the other hand especially my mom never had issues with the rural environment and its food. So they ate and ate till their stomachs could no longer accommodate anything. Being satisfied, we decided to rest for a while and pay for what we had eaten.

On our way going, I guess out of curiosity my uncle asked the joint owner which kind of pepper soup did he and my mum just feasted on?

The woman answered saying it was bush-meat pepper soup, a combination of 4 animals, grasscutter what we call okete in my local dialect, snake “ejo” , monkey, and antelope.

All these combined?  My uncle asked!

Again judging by the expression on my mum’s face, she didn’t have any issue with the soup. In fact, her face was filled with gladness but my uncle, on the other hand, wanted to die that day. He tried vomiting all he ate but he didn’t succeed. And from that day onwards, he said he was no longer interested in the unreasonable outing. He termed it “unreasonable outing”!

Till today, I can’t stop laughing each time I remember this, even as I write you this short story…

Let me tell you, the fact that you’ve stopped watching porn does not mean you’re not still engaging in it.

You’ll know what I mean by the end of this blog post!

In case you’re still finding this hard to believe, let me bring this to your attention just like the pepper soup seller brought our attention what we just ate that you have been consuming porn in some other ways.

By the way, all thanks to Kemi Moradeyo (@HeyKemisola) for awakening me on this also (she was my pepper soup seller). She brought this to my consciousness, that’s why I’m able to bring this to you. Kinda like wisdom passed down from hand to hand.

So before we go on this topic fully,

What is Porn?

I know we all want to use the experiences we’ve gathered to explain but really “what is porn?”

According to Google through duhaime.org 

Porn is the portrayal of sexual acts solely for the purpose of sexual arousal!

Oxford dictionary the one here on my laptop defines pornography or porn as books, magazines, DVDs, etc. that describe or show naked people and sexual acts in order to make people feel sexually excited, especially in a way that many other people find offensive.

I personally think the promoters of these industries are using other ways I’m about to tell you to keep people yarning. It’s like telling sisiyemmie you don’t want yam and egg and somehow she still gives you yam portage made with egg sauce.

Let’s go into it now!  

5 Ways You Still Engage In Porn Without Knowing

No1.   Songs (lyrics): This might hard for you to believe but if you still listen to today’s circular song you have engaged in porn.

I said this because almost all songs today released today by some artist or the other has some sexual content or has some sexual message except for the gospel songs but here’s a surprising fact. Most people don’t know, they don’t know because most of these sexual messages are sent in coded forms.

Kondo by Dagrin was glaring but some are not!

The other day, I was listening to something light by Falz and I began to like the song.

In fact, it moved from like to love. I loved the song so much I started adding ‘something light’ to my sentences during my chit chat with my friends just to feel funny until one of them called my attention to its meaning. Later on that day I Googled the lyrics and what I saw surprised me.

For those of us who have heard the song, let me give you the lyrics so that you can view them yourself.

Some of the lyrics…

For easy point outs, I’m going to be highlighting the sensitive parts so this doesn’t sleep through your eyes.

Something light by Falz lyrics

I meet this dangerous girl for my guy wedding
She fine scatter, the body dey mad person
I dey tickle the fancy of a true bad chick
She say give me something light (something light)
Give me something light (something light)
Give me something light (something light)
I’m not really hungry, something light (come again)
She say she will knack me if I will have patience
I won’t even touch if she was dark naked
She say give me something light
Something nice
But you still wearing bra

So tell me, how was it?

What do you feel now about the song?

Mind you, Johnny by Yemi Alade is another song I won’t forget in a hurry too. I even heard the music video became one of the most popular and most watched on Youtube in Nigeria.

2.   Music Videos: These days, almost all music videos from the circular world promotes or show nudity. I was watching an interview 3 weeks ago and on the interview when the artist was asked why his video had sexual contents, he said that’s what the consumers want.

Is this true? I don’t know!

Is this false? I still can’t say!

He said if his songs don’t have sexual contents. It won’t go far.

Frankly speaking, I have stayed away from music videos; since they don’t do anything but put me in the mood for sex, lust…

I must say, today’s music videos can stand as porn. You can disagree with me if nothing runs you’re your spine whilst watching these videos. They gradually take away your sanity.

3. TV Advertorials: Yes, TV adverts are gradually promoting nudity also. It’s not yet on electric billboards but soon it will be there. Almost all adult of products of today (hair clipper,  hair cream, body cream, toothpaste etc.) are promoting casual sex.

A toothpaste brand in their commercial will instigate that using their product will make a girl want to kiss you.

A soap brand promoting beauty care will show us half nude ladies all in the name of connecting with the buyer’s emotions to buy their products. This might not mean anything to you but the last time I checked men visual creatures.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre said in 1 of his messages that these companies know what they’re doing. They know any video that has to do with sexuality connects to adults than any random video.

4. Erotic Stories (on the web or in print): Just a few months ago, I went on Google to browse some relationship and lifestyle blogs in Nigeria to see what they are doing that we as agidigbaMEN can also start doing. That’s when I stumbled on Elsieisy.com owned by Elsie Godwin.

Whilst there, I stumbled on an erotic story. Just say you know another name used for erotic stories is romance stories.

Moving on, I decided to read the snippet of the story and in 2 minutes my body chemistry changed. That day I was feeling that way I should have known I was reading porn but then again how would I have known when it’s not a video of 2 naked people having sex.  

Guess what? You also have been engaging in porn if you also read these whether in print or web and mind you, there are addicts of these too.

I’ve seen these erotic stories on Pulse.ng too and I think this section is used to drive traffic to the blog.

Some women don’t like watching porn but they find pleasure reading these stories. Is there a difference between these 2 materials?

5. Nollywood movies: if you want to be honest with me here, you’ll agree with me that Nollywood has changed. The Nollywood we used to watch when we were much younger or when we were kids is totally different from now.

The industry has gone from bad to worse to worst. Worst that all films or I’ll say almost all films from Nollywood today has 18+ content and these ranges from soft to hard.

During my days growing up, there are films that I and my family can watch, we do watch without feeling irritated but it’s not the same today. If you’re a parent, I’ll advise you to stay away from Nollywood.

Don’t just keep your children away, you also as a parent need to also stay away.

I guess that’s one of the sacrifices you have to pay as a parent if you really want a perfect childhood for them.

All Nollywood movies I watch these days as one sexual content or the other and sometimes initiates sex except for Shuga ofcus which as a twist and that twist is promoting the awareness for sexually transmitted diseases majorly HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

May God help us!

You know what? I think enough of “may God help us!” It’s time we start helping ourselves.

Just to chip this in also. Do you know that some of these scenes are now slotted in children TV, films and cartoons? Your little child can now learn how to kiss from the kids TV he/she watches.

To find out this if this is true, please indulge me. Don’t just put these stations or films on for your kids, try to sit and watch with them and please be sensitive while watching or you might miss these scenes without knowing.

Solutions To The Exposure of These (Porn) Materials

Well, there is a saying that once you can detect a problem, you’re half way to getting the solutions. The solution I was able to discover so far was to stop watching, listening and reading these materials.

For a long time now I’ve stopped watching musical videos and I’ve reduced Nollywood movies to it bearest minimum. As for the erotic stories, I’m not even a fan so I just ignore them when I see them on popular blogs in Nigeria.

You can also do that “ignore”!

As sometimes they will show to your face.

So my best advice is to ignore!

I hope that with this blog post you will know now that it’s only when you watch 2 naked people have sex you’re watching porn. You can watch porn by engaging in these materials.

I really hope so!

Thanks for taking the time out!

Image Credit to Photo by it's me neosiam from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/hand-full-of-blood-673862/