20 Easy But Amazing Things to do Make Your Wife Happy

1.      Help her with chores even when she's not asking for help.

2.      Cook for her at the time she least expect.

3.      Compliment her especially when just dressed.

4.      Satisfy her in bed. Sex is not about pleasing yourself but about pleasing the other person.

5.      Buy her gift/present every time. Don't wait until she does something that worth it.

6.      Treat her family like yours and respect them and love them even when they don't like you.

7.      Accept and tell her you understand when she is not in the mood. (i mean sex here!)

8.      Listen to her when she is talking and give feedback to show you're really listening. Sometimes,   it's not about how nice you are to her but how much you listen.

9.      Take her on surprise dates valentine or no valentine.

10.    Protect her.

11.     Celebrate her birthdays and anniversaries. Never forget them!

12.     Hold her hand in public. Remember what i said about PDA here.

13.     Compliment her more in public.

14.     Write her love letters, this is a huge turn on if she likes affirmative words.

15.     Open the doors for her. Don't say chivalry is dead because you've married her.

16.     Telling you love her despite all the flaws you see. Remember You too have flaws.

17.     Provide for her needs and try as much as possible to provide her wants.

18.     The rest coming soon. Still thinking...