15 Sure-fire Signs Youre Dating a GIRL, Not a WOMAN


Dating can be hard, extremely hard especially for sincere men that are trying to settle down, and searching for true love at the same time.

There was a time in my life I just wanted to get it over with because I was tired of the pick and drop and I just wanted to know the QUALITIES AND CHARACTERISTICS of a mature woman.

I wish these characteristics are (were) seen before I fell and considered dating. I would have not bothered myself about getting into some relationships back then.

However, in my search to know this huge difference between a girl and a woman, I’ve done all I can within my reach. Like going for relationship seminars, singles submit and the likes and now I have gotten answers today and I'll like to share them with you and everyone who follows Agidigba Men (Big & Strong Men).

So here they are the 15 signs that show you’re dating a GIRL, not a WOMAN.

How To Know I Am Dating a Girl Not a Woman

1.       She Is a Minor

She is not up to 18 or 21 years in some countries. I feel like this is not really a sign, it's more or less like a reminder just in case you've have forgotten dating a minor is a crime.

And don't worry, I'm not a policeman.

2.       She Has Trust Issues

You might find this hard to believe but a woman with trust issues is not really a woman but a girl.

Especially if big days like valentine’s day, Christmas day and anniversary days all come to an end with a fight.  All because you said "hi" to a lady or you answered a call from a female friend.

I’ve experienced this personally with a girl I was dating back then. Yes, I'll call her a girl because she wouldn't just take my word for it. She feels like there's always a motive behind everything I do with the opposite sex. When I’m not picking her calls, it’s because I’m frolicking with some other girl. Her idea!

I decided to end it when it was taking a huge toll on me. So if you're in this kind of relationship, is really up to you.

3.       She Always Wants To Have It Her Way

Some relationship gurus usually call a woman with this behaviour “daddy’s girl”. This is because they believe a woman with this behaviour was likely over-pampered right from the time she was a child.

Women like these are LORDs over their relationships and LORDs over the men who are love with them, more of like a one-way road. It’s like you either you agree with her position or you just leave it.

She can and will be commanding, demanding and even selfish.

Some men don't have a problem with this due to their personality traits but getting used to this can also be deadly.

A woman with this behaviour is... You know what I mean.

4.       She Avoids You When There’s a Misunderstanding Instead Of Sorting It Out

According to marriage counsellors, “having a stable marriage with a woman with this kind of personality can be a tough nut to crack.”  

5.       She’s Sexually Irresponsible

If you’ve not met this kind of a lady before, I'll say I’m happy for you because I personally call this kind of a lady 'the sex giver'. She is calm, cute and doesn't see sleeping around a big deal. It’s like that's her speciality.

She offers her body to any man she fancies. Trust me, you are in soup if you're dating this kind of woman and I can't help you out, only you can help yourself.


6.       Her Forgiving Takes Forever When It’s Your Fault

This looks like number 4 but there’s a twist and here is it. Here she finds it hard to forgive when you're at fault but when she is at fault, she wants the relationship to move on easy. “Can we move on from this? This is dragging us behind” that's what you'll likely hear from her when the table is turned.

 And mind you she may also enjoy herself while taking her time in forgiving you. She might even go for dates sometimes. This is when I have to say you are in deep ... bro.

So sorry!

7.       Valentine’s Day Is The Only Day For Her To Show Love And Romance

If valentine day is the only day she shows you love, you are in the wrong relationship. I didn't say that counsellors did. And also I'll say it will take a weight carrier to bargain with this. I mean, you must have a huge heart if valentine's day is this only day you loved. I don't have that kind of heart.

Imagine when she's available just once a year. What will happen after you both tie the knot? Think of this because I'm also thinking.

8.       She Avoids Spiritual Matters (CARNALITY)

If she only believes what she sees with her physical eyes, she is carnal and you know what they say about carnal friends. Before you know it you'll start being like her and thinking like her. Your faith will drop and you'll likely be the devil's prey soon.

There's a spiritual world after this world and any human that doesn't know or doesn't believe in this is carnal.


It's worse if she avoids these talks and she makes you feel it's not a big deal.

Don't quit this relationship and you'll be sucked dry soon. I bet you!

9.       She’s Just Into You Because Of Your Because Of Your Looks

There are many things a woman should look at asides looks in a relationship. So if she’s just into you because of your looks, there’s trouble.

10.   She’s Doesn’t Talk About Marriage, Rather She Talks About Lust And Sexcapades

If marriage is far from her due to this reason above, you’re in for it. If you irritate her when you talk about responsibilities, fatherhood and family as a whole, you’re in deep hell like I said earlier. Because all these drains her. What gives her energy are these topics above "lust and sexcapades". 

She can also add drugs and alcohol on a broader scope.

A real woman who is ready to settle down should have transitioned from all these miniature attitudes to more mature and dedicated life.

11.   She Wears Anything Dictated By The Streets

You’ve not found the right lady if the lady you're currently dating wears anything dictated by the streets and if she doesn't have her own dress sense.

Cus there should be a clear difference between a virtuous lady and a street lady. So if she doesn't care about the way she dresses, you need to watch out. 

Watch out! 

12.   She Finds It Hard To Say “Yes" Or  “NO”

A girlfriend that finds it hard to say "yes" or "no" will find it hard to be committed in a relationship and if she is, she'll find it hard to stay committed. Is like they are jinxed. A lady like this can also be easy prey to men.

Don't quit this kind of relationship now, she will chicken out on you on your wedding day.

13.   She Doesn’t Make Her Own Decisions, Her Friends Make It For Her

If she’s bad at making her own decisions, this is a huge problem because we all know making your own decisions is part of being an adult. And what makes it worse is if she leaves her friends to make life decisions for her.

If you're in this kind of relationship know that you are not having a life with her but you're having a life with her friends.

14.   She Spends Money As It Comes, No Saving Habit

One of the clear ways to know a girl has transitioned into adulthood is her ability to save. If she’s bad at saving, there might a BIG problem, a BIGGER problem if she does not know this is a problem.

Funny! I just did some rhymes there.


15.   She Is Tied To Her Mum's Apron Strings (Listen And Obeys Everything Her Mum Says)

Here I’m not saying your girlfriend should not listen to her mum and follow her advice but this should not be at the detriment of life. A good girlfriend should know she’s old enough to take her own decisions.

Anyways, this scope can also be an advantage if your girlfriend has a good mother but you still need to watch out.

That's it...

These are the telltale signs I’ve gathered so far. What are yours?

How have you been able to figure out women that are matured from women that are not?

Please comment below, let's share some knowledge...

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