5 Sad Reasons Infertility is Rising Among Nigerian Men Today

In cases, you don’t know infertility is seriously rising amongst men in Nigeria and there are unique reasons for this.

Now, asides the fact that the sperm production of today’s men has naturally reduced, (yes because you can’t compare the man of 60 – 100 years ago to today’s man) today’s men are now been discovered to be infertile.

I didn’t say this, fertility experts did.

I’ll advise that if you are eating jollof rice or pounded yam you should finish your food first before continuing this article because it’s likely to get seriously serious. But if you’re not eating now, it’s perfectly OK. Just relax and let’s discover these new things together.

Remember what I said about fertility experts the other time?


Fertility experts brought this to people’s ears on the radio (Nigeria info 99.3) and I feel I should share the findings with you. Besides, it’s good to have it has a blog post here since it’s addressing only men.

Are you ready?

Alright, let’s take them one by one.

5 Reasons Nigerian Men Are Impotent Today

1.       Stress

I don’t know how it is in other states but in Lagos here, the average man spends at least 8-9 hours at work and still spends another 2-3 hours in traffic before getting home to his wife and this same rhythm repeats itself every day (working days).

Enough of that, let’s talk about sleep. It’s now discovered that most Lagosians or most people living in cities no longer get the 8 hours’ sleep recommended by doctors.

Fertility experts are saying here that all this can take a huge role in the number of sperm cells a Nigerian man produces.
  • ·         When last have you had the urge to mate with your wife? 
  •            When last have you had morning glories?
  •        When last have you thought of sex?

All these play a major role in your sex life as a couple and will open your eyes to know if stress has caught up with you.

2.       Donations

There’s a new research that says 3 out of 5 girls in Nigeria are deflowered before the age of 18 but we all know these girls did not deflower themselves. They were deflowered by us men.

Although this is yet to be proven by WHO, fertility experts are saying men are having primary infertility today because of what they have done in the past. Not necessarily karma but due to the fact that they have given their libido (sperm) to their girlfriends and to women they have met on one night stands.

Although some schools of thought believe that excessive sex cannot reduce sperm quantity and quality, another school of thought believes that this is not true. Excessive sex can indeed reduce sperm quality and quantity.

So to cap this, I’ll say it’s neither here or there but we just need to watch out.

3.       Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

If you ask me, I’ll say there need to be a total re-orientation for us youths of today as regarding sex. The other day, I was discussing with someone about STDs. Not that I know all but that person did not even know that there are STD’s that can render both men and women infertile.

Many men are walking amongst us today and they don’t know that diseases like chlamydia and some other STDs that can make them unable to father a child.


Fertility experts are saying the fact that most men are unaware of this can make the case of infertility increase.  We need to watch out for this if we want to have as many children as we want in the near future.

4.       Toxic Environments

With the rise of civilization and technology, toxic waste is now increasing in Nigeria and the fact we are ignorant of this is making us more exposed to them.

Children in Niger Delta and some other part of Nigeria are now dying of lead poisoning or some other toxic diseases that are found where there are pipeline leakages. In Lagos here, it is toxic fumes, deadly fumes from generators, bad buses and refineries that are the commonest.

Well, it is discovered that children who didn’t die of this poisoning might grow up to be infertile and adult males after inhaling this toxic fumes for some time can be infertile.

God help us!

5.       Drugs and Alcohol

Another reason why infertility is rising amongst our men is the excessive alcohol they engage in. Unfortunately; our men don’t know that smoking, alcohol and drugs can reduce their chance of being fertile (not that I know this before also).

Well, fertility experts have said that it can damage sperm cells. They said the best way to counter all this is to stay away from these habits by all means and if we can’t they should reduce these habits to its barest minimum.


…we have come to the end.

These are the top 5 reasons why infertility is raising amongst men in Nigeria today (according to fertility experts based in Nigeria).

I’m not a health expert but I hope you were still able to get the gist in this article. I have dropped all-round links to health blogs on the post just in case you want more understanding on what has been discussed so far.

Are you a medical doctor or fertility expert or you just seem to know more on this topic? Please share with us more reasons why infertility seems to be rising amongst men here in Nigeria.

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Disclaimer: Nothing said in this article or in response to any comments in this article is meant to be confused with medical advice. This and any response to any questions is my opinion and please see your doctor any medical questions or information.