Top 5 Ways Women Of Today View Sex (Women and Sex)

What I’m about to share with you might give you a heart attack.

I know the question “why do women see sex differently?”  as probably popped up on your mind many times and you still haven’t gotten real answers.

You probably even asked the women themselves and all some of them could tell you is “you wouldn’t understand”.

Well, part of the reason they told you this is because really you won’t really understand and another reason is some of them can’t really explain the mystery behind this (They kinda know the ‘how’ but they can’t explain the ‘why’).

Let’s not it twisted. This is also the same with men. Men don’t know why they act in a certain way too. They just know how they feel. This mystery is so deep that no ordinary man or woman can really tell what’s going on behind their behaviours.

Those who know-know because they looked for answers.

Long-time ago when I was still trying to understand female behaviour. I always asked myself ‘why is my girlfriend so emotional? Can’t she man-up like me?’ Why does she cry when we watch movies together? Why is she so emotional about Valentine ’s Day? What’s the big deal about vals day?

I never knew then; now I know better through some books and chats with women that women are naturally more emotional and romantic than men.

Today I really want to talk about sex – the way women see it so as to widen what you know about women (just as it did for me).

What is SEX to WOMEN?

Based on what I’ve learnt so far about women (what I call womanology as a whole). I’ll say sex is deep. It’s way beyond (we) men see it. To women, sex is a mixture of chemistry, affection, emotion and above all, I hear it’s only given to men who worth it.

But if this is true how come women see sex in these 4 major ways?

Top 5 Ways Women of Today Perceive Sex

1. Sex – As a reward

The method mostly used by married women. If you’re married it’s certain that your wife has played this method on you a couple of time.

Has there been a day your wife initiated sex and that day she gave you the best sex of your life?

That’s probably she giving you sex as a reward for something you did.

If you really want to be sure about this think of that day or week and what you did that pleased her. It’s likely you did something that really meant a lot to her like helping with chores or bathing the kids or something out of the blue.

As for the single ladies who do this they do this to reward their boyfriends for his faithfulness for the years of abstinence (that is why the women feel used when the relationship ends).

Ladies always reward their boyfriends with sex for faithfulness; men always reward girlfriends with money for faithfulness. It has always been like this from the beginning. It’s only in few scenarios it changes.

So number 1 women see sex as a reward.

2. Sex – As a Gift

So many sex many men have had on special days like valentine’s day, the day we met anniversary, birthdays and so on are gift sex. Women give sex on these special days because they also see sex as a gift.

While you might be planning to get her necklace or bracelet as a gift for these days, she might be planning to gift you her body.

Also, ladies who have kept themselves (virgins) till their wedding night give sex that night as a gift.

This might sound absurd to you but it’s true.

Women see sex as a gift and offer it as a gift.

3. Sex – As a Punishment

You might have asked yourself – why does she punish me with sex?  Why does my wife avoid me especially when she knows I need it? Why do I have to beg and apologize before I can have my way?

Well, don’t blame your wife if she’s always like this when you guys have misunderstanding. Women see sex punishment – a way to get back at men when offended. It’s like a man starving its pet rat by putting cheese out of the rat’s reach.

Women know men can’t do without sex (that’s the one and the only thing every male need from a female) and they well know you can’t get it from somewhere else especially when you’re married so they know this can be used to make a point.

So sorry for my married folks!

4. Sex – As a sacrifice

This might sound totally absurd to you but it’s true. Women see sex as a sacrifice in the sense that it’s something that has to be done.

When she sells her body like sleeping with your boss to take care of you she sees this as a sacrifice. Married and committed women who sleep around to take care of their family see this as nothing else than a sacrifice.

Something that had to be done just to get what they need.

5. Sex – As a Payment

This was pretty common during the ancient Rome because in those days women sex as a way of paying monetary debts, to trade for food, to escape slavery and so on and it’s still done till today.

Just that today it’s no longer done with sanity and out of pressing needs. Some women now have sex on insane things basically not being satisfied with what they have.

Talking about ladies who offer sex because they want to own iPhone and those with sleep with dogs and make porn to buy luxury things.


This article is not to make you see women in a negative light. It’s for you to understand women and why they act the way they do.

Besides, like I said earlier men also have dirty perceptions about sex. Maybe one of these days we’ll talk about it too.

Image Credits to Eneida Nieves

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