5 Pervert Behaviors You Should Stop on WhatsApp Now

I have had fights with friends and family on WhatsApp and I think these fights will not end till WhatsApp seizes to exist.

To be honest and fair, some of these fights were due to my fault (ignorance) and some were not.

But if this would amaze you or everyone here, it has not always been like this from the onset. I guess it was as WhatsApp grew and more people were added to the platform many people feel there should be at least major etiquette guiding the popular chatting platform.

My most recent misunderstanding was with my choir director and this was basically on me not acknowledging a message dropped on the church choir group.

He said I should have shown signs of acknowledgment by at least dropping a message but I didn’t. But truly, what really happened was – I read the messages when my internet was not on so I didn’t reply.

And I’ll say truly with the way WhatsApp is going, it’s high time we create etiquette by which will guide us in using the platform. So yes, our wish for as finally come to pass.

This article was born out of so many misunderstanding I’ve had with fam and what I felt I did wrong so don’t feel this article speaks to you alone, it speaks to me.

Moving on…

5 Things You Do Wrong on WhatsApp

1. Reading WhatsApp messages without replying

I used to have huge fights with my ex over this until I realized I too used to do this. In case you don’t know, it’s absolutely insulting to read a message a contact sends to you on WhatsApp and not reply (especially if this message demands a reply).

So I have learned to do this – not to read (open) chats if I’m not ready to reply to them. I only read the chats when I’m settled to reply.

I don’t know if you like this new tip but I’m sure it will work for you if you decide to use it.

This tip can also be applied to your group chats – only read (open) the chats when you’re ready to respond to them. This will make people know you’re active on the group (at least when you have the time).

2. Sending unnecessary WhatsApp broadcast

If you’re part of the people who do this as a hobby, you’ll need to stop before people start blocking you (that’s if they’ve not blocked you already).

I’ve blocked some people in the past because of this (sending me unsolicited messages).

I have a cousin who used to do this back then and I almost blocked him till I changed my mind to ignore him because he’s family. I had the thought that – who knows I might have an urgent message to send to him in future and WhatsApp, could only be the medium I could get to him.

So I ignored his messages (broadcast) for a long time until one day he called to tell me he dropped an urgent message on WhatsApp for some days now and I’ve not replied him. I was surprised I missed this but then again I was not surprised because he caused it.

I replied his message and I also explained why I might have not seen it. He apologized and since then he stopped sending me the unnecessary broadcast.

I did this because he was family. If he was a random person on WhatsApp, I could have blocked him.

So I’ll strong advice you stop this if you’re part.

3. Taking too long to reply chats

I used to do this too so I’ll understand if your reason behind this is because you’ve been busy. Busy especially during working days that we might not have time to go through our chats.

But there can still be a solution to this.

One of the solutions that I usually practice is to reply my messages during breaks – my free time.

Now, we all have breaks at works. I personally have 30 – 45 minutes break depending on my schedule for the day. So I reply WhatsApp chat during this time.

Number two solution is to take advantage of the Lagos traffic.

I don’t know where you’re reading this from. You might be reading from New York or even New Delhi in India. The rule has not changed. I personally live in Lagos, Nigeria and experience traffic so I’m using this as an example. I use the traffic situation in my area to read online (blogs) and reply chats.

You can also do the same.

Number three solution is to reply before bedtime.

Although my doctor said this is not good because of the light from my phone doesn’t put me in sleeping mode on time, I still do it.

This works but I strongly advise you against it.

4. Spreading false or fake news on WhatsApp

If you’ve not been guilty about all I’ve mentioned so far, you’re certainly guilty of this – I too until I woke and I hope you too will wake after reading what I’m about to write on this.

You see, it’s one thing to spread news on WhatsApp, it’s another thing to spread fake news. I hear by now you can even be arrested for spreading fake news on WhatsApp. Yes, this is possible if investigators are able to trace the person or group of people who originated the fake news.

The latest person in serious trouble in Nigeria now (for spreading fake news) is the guy that said the 3rd mainland bridge is about to collapse. Authorities said he is going in for this because he caused serious panic for Lagosians that the news got to Aso Rock.

After him spreading the news on Facebook and it began to get lots of likes and comments. The deceivers of this news went ahead to create WhatsApp broadcasts for the news to share on WhatsApp.

The problem is not the fake news. The problem is people who don’t confirm whatever they have read before sharing and broadcasting with their friends.

WhatsApp has also found a way of controlling this fake news to an extent by limiting the number of people you can share a broadcast with from 256 contacts to I think 20 people (contacts).

This is to control the speed at which any news will spread.

5. Not blocking people you should block

I’m not saying this to give license to go on a blocking spree. Neither am I saying you should start blocking people any day you wake from the wrong side of the bed but you know when I say that some people deserve to be blocked they indeed need to be blocked.

Because this is a sensitive issue, I’m not going to give reasons as to why you should block people but I’m saying if you need to block someone because your heart wants you to, you should.

I’ve given the reason why I could block people on WhatsApp but asides that there are still other reasons unknown to me yet why I could block a person (contact).

Regrets on not blocking people on WhatsApp

Trust me, there can be big regrets on not blocking people asides from you blocking based on relationship issues.

Sometimes, this could even pose danger to your life in any form especially if you feel deep down in your spirit this is a stalker or his up to something that’s not good.

What’s your thought on this article?

What other things do you feel people are doing wrong on WhatsApp?

Please share with me and share this article on WhatsApp as this might make them get their acts right in terms of using the platform.

Image Credit to Pexels.com/Anton

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