Success in Life: Does Location in Nigeria Really Matter?

This is one of the most common questions many men as asked themselves as regards success and what makes this question even harder is asides from different views on it, many men give a false opinion about it.

We all know success means different things. What success is to you is not what it means to me.

Our views are different but it doesn’t mean we are not all aiming towards the same goal which is to reach the top in anything we are trying to achieve.

For many of my readers who have been with me so far on this journey, I believe you know the story of my life.  And if somehow this is your first here, I am Ralph Bamigboye, a young Nigerian man who lost his dad at the age of 3 and had to live most of my life with his widowed mum.

You can read more about me here.

I was born in Mushin. One of the most dangerous and rugged places in Lagos where gang fights, lesbianism, homosexuality and drugs were the order of the day.

I spent 7 years there then we moved to Shomolu still a violent area like Mushin but a bit better.

My mum tried to separate me from the kids in the area so she advised me to stay indoors but I didn’t listen. The indoor play was becoming boring because I’m an only child and I couldn’t just help myself.

So I played outside and as days when I discovered then as little as I was, I began to inculcate some of the habits of the little children in the area. Habits like speaking pidgin, stealing from the pot of soup and taking money from my mum’s purse to buy toys.

Thankfully, it didn’t grow more than that but as time goes by; it became something my mum was wary of.

Shortly after many years, we moved to Gbagada, a cool area, much better than the other 2 areas and gradually things began to change even without my mum’s influence.

I realized as time went by I began to retrace my steps to the sweet little boy I used to be and I began to love myself.

Fast forward to today, we now stay in Lekki and things have gotten much better.

So if you ask me, with the little story I’ve narrated so far if location plays a long role in becoming successful I’ll say yes.

Yes, because what you see – the people around you determines if you’ll be successful or not. If you’re around illiterates, you’re going to be worse.

For example, in Shomolu, I have always known I was better than the average child living in the area but because each time I tried playing with them, they don’t understand my diction like they saying

I’m forming levels (trying to show I’m well read than them).

I had to come down to their level – speaking pidgin and it was then my diction began to  drop – becoming poor.

Here’s the pointer.

If what you see everyday around you are millionaires, successful people, perhaps one day you’ll be one because they’ll all influence you in one way or the other.

I must be candid with you here guys. Since I’ve moved to Lekki (the biggest area where the rich live) for almost 4 years now my mentality has changed.

Every day, I now work on improving myself because I want to be like those around me – successful like the rich people I see and truth it’s working and working speedily.

For the past 3 years, I now earn more; I have rich friends, people at my beck and call for help, fantastic job opportunities and so on.

My list is endless.

During this period, I have started a business – a side hustle although it failed due to some known reasons, I’m still motivated to start other businesses.

Another thing changing my environment has done is it has changed the perception of the rich and how they get their money. Then, I usually see rich men as people who had done blood money at one stage of their life to get rich.

It was when I moved to the island I realized that it was all a shallow mentality and it was just that these people are smart.

So does location really matter in terms of being successful in life?

Yes, it really plays a role.

Don’t be deceived with anyone that says otherwise.

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