How to Buy a Car in Nigeria (Easy Tips)

Do you want to buy a new or tokunbo car in Nigeria? This article will guide you on how to choose the perfect car (brands, specs, new or old) for you.

From decisions like buying a house, having a dream job or owning a multimillion-dollar business. One of the dreams of many men in Nigeria is to also own their car(s).

But buying a car at this time and age can be very confusing especially if it’s your first car. So since a car will become man’s need one day, we need to consider some factors in choosing the right car for our dreams.

So today, I want to share with you men 5 things you should consider if you’re buying your first car and you live in Nigeria.

Disclaimer: This article is not written to discourage men from owning their own car(s) rather it has to do with making sure you know your left from your right as regards buying your car and what it entails.

Recently you’ve gotten a raise at work and you feel it’s about time to buy your own car or your business is now making enough profit and you feel it’s about time to just buy your car but you don’t know how to go about it or where to start from, I’ll be sharing with you sure-tips that I’ve gathered from car owners and car dealers in terms of buying cars in Nigeria.

Some of these tips I’ve gathered from some a very close friend of mine who just bought his car a few days ago for the use of his family.

And other tips I’ll be sharing with you are tips I myself have experienced when it comes to car use with my family (extended).

Before we go to the 5 tips, let’s quickly go to some random questions on most Nigerian men mind when it comes to buying and owning a car.

Buying Tokunbo Cars for Sale in Nigeria

I know with the rising cost of new cars in Nigeria you’re seriously thinking of going for a tokunbo car.

This is not bad if you have a trusted mechanic that has served many years in the automobile industry terms of experience – distinguishing a truly tokunbo car and a refurbished car because so many car dealers in Nigeria have now gone the wrong path – selling refurbished cars as tokunbo.

So you need a professional that can spot the difference and make sure you’re not swindled of your money.

Buying Used Cars For Sale in Nigeria

Buying Nigerian used cars can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing.

There are still Nigerians who use their cars in a good way just in case they need to sell again but then again there are Nigerians who are rough users.

They use their cars badly and when its time for them to sell, they do serious panel beating and fake servicing of the engine just to make more money in selling their cars.

If you’re not careful, you end up buying the car not for it’s real worth. I have a family who bought a Nigerian used Toyota 2006 Corolla for N1.5M and the car had a bad engine.

They only discovered the car had a bad engine when they had already driven it home. So you really have to be watchful when buying Nigerian used cars.

Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria and Their Prices

Fairly used cars in Nigeria varies according to their year of production, brand, mileage, engine and how neat the car is in general.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll always see the appropriate prize for these cars. It all depends on the dealers. While some dealers cars are expensive, some dealers are moderate.

And what really marks the difference is where these dealers buy their cars and import them from. While some dealers import their cars from the USA, some dealers import their cars from Cotonou.

So the ones imported from countries around us like Cotonou are usually cheaper than the ones imported from the USA and China.

New Cars For Sale In Nigeria

In case you have not heard, new cars in Nigeria are very expensive now. You can spend as much as 16 million on buying just a Toyota salon car. So what many men do now is to go for tokunbo – a neat tokunbo.

And that’s the same advice I’m giving you except if you are as rich as Dangote.

Tips on Buying a Car in Nigeria

1. Budget – How much you have

The first tip here to help you choose your car is how much you have in buying the car. So I’ll suggest you know your budget as this determines whether you’ll be buying a new car, tokunbo or Nigerian used.

You cannot have a budget of 1.2 million naira and say you want to buy a new range over 2019.

We all know that is impossible. So how much you have at hand always plays a role a major on the car you’ll be buying.

2. Brand – Getting Spare Parts

The second time here is choosing the brand of car you want to go for. Here in Nigeria, the most sort after car brands are Toyota, Honda, volks Wagen.

So many Nigerians have different reasons for going for these car brands but one thing is certain, Nigerian men are surely getting satisfaction one way or the other from these brands.

When it comes to choosing the right brand for you, I’ll say you should go for a brand that has a long durability, less stressful and easy to get spare parts.

The cars brands in Nigeria with the cheapest spare parts are Toyota and Honda.

3. Space – Type of Car

You should also let car space determine the kind of car you want. Are you buying the car just for yourself or for you to move your family every day?

You really need to think about this.

If you’re buying the car probably as a single man, you can go for a salon car maybe with 2 doors and if you’re buying because of your family you should think of buying a space car-like sienna and the likes.

4. Fuel – How Much You Will Spend

There are cars that consume a lot of fuel due to the way they were made or their brand but however, I’ve heard some brands like Toyota don’t consume fuel.

In fact, they economize your fuel.

How much you’re going to be spending on fuel should really be considered as a pointer to choosing your car.

Don’t ignore this tip.

5. Road – The roads in Nigeria

The roads in your city in Nigeria, are they good for the car you want to buy?

Don’t buy a sports car when you know you live in a rural area in Nigeria and the government are yet to tiled the roads. It is a total waste of money.

SUVs should be considered a top priority if you live in the rural parts of Nigeria and even some urban parts of Nigeria.

I said this because not all roads in Lagos are tiled and yet Lagos still is considered an urban state.

The muddy water, harsh stones should be a consideration.

These are the tips I have for you. I hope they’ll go a long way in helping you choose your car?

And please let me know when you get your car. Winks!

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