Hi there, I’m Ralph Bamigboye and I’m the convener of this blog.

Growing up as a young man without a father, I learned everything from how to start a business to about being a man on the internet.

I’m glad this helped. And a few years back I decided to start my own blog as my own contribution to what I have gained so far.

This was how this blog was birthed.

I started this mainly out of the passion to help men in Nigeria but as time went by I realized I needed to focus on all youths, not just men as we all face the same thing.

Welcome to our blog!

– Our Vision


In our world, today YOUTHS are slowly forgetting what it means to live with purpose. We want to educate you on how to bring back the meaning into your life.

We want you to become self-reliant, a master of every domain of your life.

We want you to COMMIT to SELF-GROWTH and tap into your MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.

– Our Mission

Our mission is to build better men through producing inspiring and mind-blowing content and experiences that will force a spontaneous transformation and enable you to finally live your life at the optimal level you wish you could.

  • Our first mission is to make you know why you are here – finding your true life purpose.
  • Making you the best in whatever you do whether business, carrier, agriculture, and so on.
  • To make you a better person than you are yesterday by sharing real personal development materials not fake or hyped kinds of stuff.
  • Share simple business, money/financial tips, and tricks that will keep you far away from poverty and its menace.
  • Teach how to invest in yourself – psychologically, emotionally, physically, and financially.
  • To share, teach you how to make it in Nigeria.

More to come on the blog and AgidigbaMEN Group:

–  Our Migration from Blogger to WordPress

–  Creation and Sales of our eBooks

–  Our one of a kind Vlog on YouTube – where we share interviews with successful people in Nigeria. Those who move Nigeria with the sectors they operate on, success tips, motivation tips, and so on.

–  The Forum is also coming on. I can’t wait to meet young youths like me and share ideas.

–  Our Yearly Conference where we meet and discuss trivial issues that affect the Nigerian man. In business, success, and carrier.

Watch out and stay with us if you want to be a part of this journey. It’s going to be something you’ve never seen before and more info to come.

Please connect with me anytime and any day. Drop your comments on the blog on topics you’ll like us to discuss on the blog and our YouTube Channel or Podcast.

You can read more about my life’s story here.

Welcome to our blog – Agidigba MEN!